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Sore Shins


Hi I am very new to the program. W1R2 completed this morning. I suffered with very sore shins towards the end of my run. Any advice?

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Google "stretches to do before running". I think sore shins are normal - it's your (calf??) muscles adjusting to this foreign activity. My sore shins are almost gone at W4.

Somebody more knowledgeable than me will be along soon.

Well done for starting!!


Thank you. I suppose this is a really stupid thing to say, but I didn't even think about having muscles there!


Hi! Congratulations on getting started on the programme :) Things will hurt as your body strives to remember how things work. It won't last for long, and with the days off that are built in it should wear off in time for your next run. Try not to strike the ground with your heel (-shins don't like that, nor does the rest of your body-), but with the middle of your foot.

I'd check on your shoes - if you have dug out the trainers you bought back in 1990 for your new year's resolution, or are running in shoes that are not really designed for running but are more "fashion" trainers, you are going to have to bite the bullet at some point and buy a new pair. Everyone likes new shoes :)


As others have said you are just starting out. You may need better shoes with more cushioning. I have been running nearly a year now and the first part of the C25K was the hardest because your body is getting used to it. All sorts of places used to ache some more than others including shoulders. Even now when I start sometimes for first few minutes knees and or ankles ache but then it suddenly stops.

Think this is just because body is just getting used to the shock of running. My body says to me "What going on? This time yesterday I was on the couch. Where's the fire ?". Mind eventually wins out over matter and my body just settles down to it. It will get easier just stick with it.

I first started running in what were technically "walking shoes" but they did the job OK. When I finished my 9 weeks I went to running shop and got some new ones and were more comfortable.

Anyway keep us all posted on your progress.

Interested to read that you started out in walking shoes. My trainers are more for trekking than running, from Mountain Warehouse. I know I will have to buy new running shoes if I am going to keep this up, but am nervous to make the investment!


Thanks for replies. I can't blame the shoes, as they are a new pair of running shoes. So as you suggest, I will just put it down to my body learning to use new muscles.

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Were you fitted for them, or did you just buy them off the shelf? I ask because I was literally crying on Week 3 of C25K because my shins were so sore. Turned out I was running in the wrong shoes. I went for gait analysis where they recommended a pair for over-pronation - next run, no pain whatsoever. Magic!

I hope you get it sorted. Happy running.

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Hi, they were off the shelf. It was only my second run and they feel fine now, so I will see what happens when I go out on Friday for run three. Thanks.

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Same for me. Thought the slightly old, but little used(!) running shoes would do the job, but hurty shins were threatening to stop me in my tracks in week 3. The gait analysis and specialist shoes were pricy, but have got me as far as run 2 on week 7.


Hi! When I first attempted running, it was with a group and I was fine in the early sessions when we started out on grass in a playing field. Then we moved on to pavement and road running and I pushed myself to keep up with everyone else. That's when shin splints set in and I gave up. I later started C25K on my own, keeping to grass and unpaved tracks as much as possible, in the same shoes but at my own pace. I haven't had any shin splints since.

Of course I still get occasional niggles while running and when that happens I stare them down – that is, I focus on them until they get bored by the attention and go away... ;)


i bought a pair of Asics trail tambora 5 a good entry level running shoe . have had these since November and they seem to be holding up very well


Go slowly! 🙂


One cause of shin pain is 'over-striding' when you run. Try and take shorter strides, land on your mid-sole with your body above your foot. This is quite hard to co-ordinate, so instead, run without headphones for a short while, and concentrate on running as quietly as you can. Trying to be quiet makes your foot land more softly, and your body will naturally shorten the stride. If the speed then seems too slow, you can increase your running cadence (number of steps per minute), rather than increase your stride-length.


Thanks for all you supportive advice. No run today but I have played my usual weekly game of badminton. Different trainers. My usual pair. But by the end my shins were sore again. So I can't blame the trainers. Will see how my run goes Friday. May be to do with not stretching perhaps (?)


Well I did my third run this morning and I am happy to say that I do not feel any more soreness in my shins! Guess I was just worrying over nothing, and have to allow my body to adjust.

However, I did a couple of my runs over the grass verges, so I don't know if that helped.

I have now completed week 1 and greatly look forward to stepping up to week 2 on Sunday morning. I know I have a long way to go but I am really excited by reading the posts on here just how rewarding this C25K program is going to be!

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