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Where to run W2 R1?


Ok about to do w2 r1 tonight after work, so do I go around the football field or around the pavements/house's? I find I go bright red when running, round the houses means passing lots or cars/homes/people, but going around the field means dogs, kids & footballs? The pavement route was great on Sunday morning but it ends with a very long shallow hill back home, where as the field is flat but I just go round and round...... I think I could do with someone making the decision for me.... Please remember the temp is gonna be hot this evening and neither has any real shade 🤔

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For me personally I go to a local running track. Not many people there at the times I go.i don't feel confident enough yet with running round the streets .I'm on wk 3 and will be doing run 2 tomorrow . I don't mind running round and round the track and the time goes quite quickly. I would say just do whatever you feel comfortable with .good luck with your running


I found a football field to be really lumpy, I was afraid to twist my ankle... personally I like street running, I can look in peoples windows and gardens lol!


I go bright red when I run too. It's because I don't sweat through my face which remains bone dry even when the rest of me is sweaty. I appreciate this may be too much information for people!

Anyway, I've decided not to worry about it. It's just the way I am. I don't care who sees me any more...

I do avoid buying red or pink running tops though. :)

runswithdogsGraduate in reply to AnneDroid

Ooh. I must have the double whammy. My face goes incredibly red, and 90% of the sweat seems to come from my face. My OH asked if it was raining the other day when I got back in the house because my hair and face were so sweaty. Good call on the running tops. I do have a red one. Must be quite the sight.

ClawmumGraduate in reply to AnneDroid

Wow AnneDroid, me too, i go bright red but my face doesn't sweat at all, i feel so much better knowing i'm not alone :)


Over two years running and my face always goes alarmingly red while running. That would be a lot of laps around the field. Just get out and enjoy, a red face is a badge of effort.

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Glad you guy's have said this. My OH say my face is like a beetroot when I get back from running. I was thinking surely that should have settled down by now. Looks like it is just me ;)


thanks guys, decided gonna do a bit of both, round the house's in a short lap then finish last half round the field x

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sounds like a plan!


Who cares if you go red! No-one., it's normal ☺

I would do some streets if there are no footpaths or woodland trails. Have fun ☺


Well finished it, conquered one of my self esteem gremlins, I ran along a very busy main road that was grid locked, did all pavement/roads. Was very hot hubs said I look like I'd just been dipped in beetroot juice but who cares..... It didn't kill me and I'm kinda looking forward to my next run in a couple of days. Guess I've got the running bug ☺️


I started running on the tracks around my house, never saw a sole but as i progressed i needed more distance and the only place to go was the road, now i don't care, i just RUN!!!!

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