Where I run my c25k

Where I run my c25k

If I walk for around 5 minutes (how convenient) I reach Splott park (in Cardiff, south Wales). I've even got it down to knowing when the 5 minutes is over because there's an estate agent sign outside of a house just short of the park just before or after which Laura starts me off running. It's quite nice knowing when that's going to happen!

I've worked out from the estate agent sign to running around the park and arriving at the point I've entered it is 1.2km, which is just about long enough for the 5km run but not so small as to be a bit boring going round it over and over. IF I try to do more than 5k (see last post) then I might find somewhere else to run.

More often than not there are very few people in the park and the sun is normally shining. I've attached a google maps screenshot of it.

Maybe reply with where you do yours? It would be cool to find others having the experience where you have it, do you do it in a park, around a park, along a road (find a park!) or do you do it on a treadmill in a gym (find a park!) :)



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  • Hi Mike, I tend to have a mixture of runs in a week, this weeks long run was a mixture of busy roads, country roads and river bank trail. I try to vary them to avoid the boredom! Route is here connect.garmin.com/modern/a...

  • Thanks old_git, good to see a map of where you ran! Makes me tempted to get a similar contraption. Good time as well, I imagine you do well on half-marathons.

  • Building up to my first one Mike - 6 weeks to go.

  • Oh right ok, well if you're doing 16k in 1:44 I should hope you'll manage it in under 2hrs

  • I'm Newbury parkrun on Greenham Common, now peacefully returned to community (not USAF) use.


  • Thanks Marky, I'll have to hunt for organised 5k runs in my local area once I've graduated. Looks nice, but at least I don't risk contracting Lyme's disease in Splott! :)

  • Instead of USAF jets on the runway, we sometimes have to give way to cows. It can be a bit like Moo Moo Meadows if you're familiar with Mario Kart :-)

  • I am familiar with Mariokart and I'm not sure I'd want to run the Mariokart course! I do wonder which would be more hazardous - cows or jets :/

  • lovely route... I do mine all over the place, and I am lucky as there are some great routes where I live ( Bristol).... keep having fun :)

  • Thank you Juicy, I'm quite keen on moving to Bristol someday, seems nice. The Splott park run is quite a good route because if I want to run up and down the odd street nearby for variety I can.

  • Hi Mike! We're practically neighbours :-)

    My partner's family live in Splott, when I was staying at their place I liked walking to Atlantic Wharf as a warmup then I'd run around the wharf (one loop is about 2 km).

    It's very quiet, there are a few people fishing and a few cormorants sunning there, I'd recommend that place for a run!

    Now that I've moved to Penarth, I love running on the promenade when I go for a short run (with lovely views on the Bristol Channel and the Victorian Pavillion), and on longer runs I love going to the Marina and over the barrage to Cardiff bay.

    I also like running around Cosmeston Lakes park, especially in the week (too many dogs in the weekend). I did most of my training for my first half marathon in there.

    Oh, and of course, I love the Llandaff fields, were Cardiff Parkrun is held!!

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