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WK9R3...patience required


I have been excited for a week or more to achieve this goal and against my better judgement went with my husband to the gym (not been since last September) to complete my WK9R3 on a state of the art treadmill. MISTAKE ! as after 5mins the workout had paused 3 times and in my frustration I jumped on a simpler version only to find that at a speed of 5 I felt that I was sprinting ! kept that up for 10mins then gave up. Went on a bike for 20mins at a very leisurely pace. What a letdown.

So onto today, after reading some inspirational posts on here I walked Skip for 50mins then onto my old inaccurate treadmill. Music disappeared after 5mins and I think I must have just got overcome with it all and had to stop after 15mins.........no matter I will live to jog another day.....maybe Wednesday

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Try outdoors.......it gets rid of all those techy glitches and is so much nicer.

I agree - try and get outdoors for that last run...you can do this :-)


Outdoors and I carry a small (but Famous around here ;) ) Kitchen timer that counts down my minutes and is bomb-proof :)


Yes I agree myself but every since the holey mouth situation I have used the treadmill and now find I am a little scared of the great outdoors with its inclines and declines and I'm getting a mild obsession with trying to calculate the distance. IannodaTruffle# this would remove the tech probs, thanks lightweightkate# for your encouragement and irish-john# I have a vivid image of the timer going off and skip having one of his many over excited moments he he may brace mysrlf and get out there Wednesday 6am !


Hi Lynne , forgive me for asking , but what is the " holey mouth " situation ? I am intrigued !

Give it another go when youre ready, you can do this , its the biggie ! :-) xxx

lynne0_0Graduate in reply to poppypug

Haha... I had a toith extracted a few weeks and someone on the forum described it as ' The holey mouth' !

poppypugGraduate in reply to lynne0_0

Ah I see , the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth , Ha ha :-D

Good Luck for Wednesday, you can do it ! :-) xxx


I agree. Ditch the treadmill and get outside to finish the programme in a fitting way.

You don't need tech - watch will suffice!

Good luck! I'm sure it will go well next time.

lynne0_0Graduate in reply to Ullyrunner

Thank you, I am preparing mentally for 6am Wednesday morning. Rain, hail or shine in the great outdoors.


You know you can run for 30 minutes. You can do it! Give yourself a couple of days and have another run, you'll do it next time. :)

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