Acid Reflux & GERD

Morning all. Im at week 6 but had to abort R2 half way on Thursday after feeling ill.

Symptoms have pretty much turned into acid reflux again since. I had this problem a couple of months ago and it was hell. First time I have suffered from it, but couldnt sleep was waking with a gasp for air several times a night and my heart racing etc.. Felt dizzy and short of breath when walking or outside, no fun at all.

My GP put it down to Acid Reflux and prescribed Lansoprazole. That and watching my diet etc cleared it up after a couple of weeks thankfully and helped spur me on to do the CT5K. Not as bad this time around, and I feel better today. Managed a decent night sleep last night, but still feel a little short of breath when out walking. Amazing how much difference a week makes :(

I need to make an appointment to see about another prescription this week, so will ask for advice but really want to get my trainers back on and out running.

Was just wondering if there are any GERD sufferers here that have been through something similar when running or have any advice?

Ive gone back onto the lansoprazole, cut out the suspects, coffee, chocolate, late eating etc but not sure if there is anything else I could do or try?


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  • Bless you! other culprits include wine......unfortunately, particularly with acidic meals eg spag bol etc. Cheese, cream and diary. Try unsweetened soya milk, best price is from Aldi, similar price to normal milk. If you are taking the medication i would suggest try it only when you need it...... From experience It does work even if you already have the symtoms. Good luck x

  • Brilliant thanks! Will definately try the soya milk. Have switched to camomile tea from coffee but will still come in handy for cereal.

    Just read your post to her and she said Spag Bol was the plan for tonight, so you've probably saved me another sleepless night there thanks!

  • Really sorry to hear you're having a rough time.

    I don't suffer but my husband has for decades. He takes Lansoprazole too. Keep taking it. Fat, milk and mashed potatoes are bad. Tomatoes are killers, especially the sun dried ones. He finds cherry tomatoes ok in moderation. He now takes Gaviscon Advance too. The tablets are made out of seaweed I believe and you can get them over the counter at a pharmacy, make sure you get the "advance" not the normal stuff. His consultant said you can't overdose on them but of course follow the advice of the pharmacist or what's on the packet.

    Hope you're feeling better soon :-)

  • Many thanks, hopefully not far away just hope it wasnt the run that helped bring it back. Still all new to this! My girlfriend loves sun-dried tomatoes on salad but luckily asked her a few weeks back to keep them away from me! Just not a fan of them really. Shamefully will admit to not been much of a chef (though chief washerer upperer)

    Have been taking the normal gaviscone liquid and that does seem to help, but will definately grab some advance tablets when Im out, thanks for the tip!

  • I bought a foam wedge pillow that raises you up gradually from the lower back at night, it's great. Sleep much better now. I avoid eating before bed and know my triggers which are pretty well everything fun eg chocolate cheese alcohol cakes biscuits caffiene curry etc ... I take esomeprazole once a day and ranatitine twice, they reduce stomach acid production, and I take gaviscon advance tablets and peptac liquid when I get symptoms which is pretty constant. Can take up to 8 gaviscon a day and also four doses of the peptac but I usually take peptac once and maybe three to four gaviscons a day. I find sweets like fruit pastille And jelly babies help with the nasty taste and sometimes suck one when running. I don't think my running has been affected by it , I think drinking plenty water really helps both the reflux and the running some recommend that. You do learn to live with it honest.

  • Saw the pillows on amazon a while ago so may get one ordered. Have a blanket rolled up under my pillow at the moment to try and do a similar thing but a bit of a workaround at the moment hah! Didn't eat anything after tea last night so think that definitely made a positive difference too.

    Once I was feeling fine think I just dropped back into the habits of eating what I wanted :( so easy when I enjoy food so much! I only really get the nasty taste in a morning, pretty much what confirmed to me today that it was the acid again.

    Many thanks!

  • Thank for the tip, am going to see if the husband thinks one might be useful for him.

  • Good luck to you. Recommend the pillow but they are dear . I had to get a spare cover for it too so I can wash them. I'm off on holiday tomorrow (flying) so no pillow so will be interesting how I cope. . I usually stick a spare pillow longways under me !

  • ! would also say, don't go near sausage, burgers, crisps or anything fatty. I find eggs can also create acid but may not do so for yourself.

    If you really MUST eat any of the above, make sure you take the medication at least half hour before. Listen to your body and adapt your diet accordingly.

  • Poor you! As a fellow sufferer in the past (not linked to running though) It can be really helpful to elevate the head of your bed just a couple of inches. Whereas raising your pillows can result in you sliding off them and waking up in a crumpled position, raising the head of the bead on wooden blocks or old books, helps to keep the acid down out of the oesophagus. You could try cutting down on caffeine and don't eat too close to the start of a run- suggest at least 90mins. I did used to feel quite nauseous when running, that settled after a few months and I never get it now. Good luck, hope your's settles.

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