Hi everyone! I am just wrapping up week 8 of the program. Yay!!

However I am hitting a bit of a snag and wondering if anyone has any advice. I seem to hit a place of hyperventilating with my breathing and need to slow to a walk for about 30 seconds to get my breath back. It happens around 3/4 of the way in, just once and then I am back to normal after the brief rest.

I have searched and read lots about breathing when running. I keep coming across the tip to breathe in for 3 steps with the nose and out for 2 with the mouth. That just feels impossible to me. First, I cannot breath with my nose because it gets quite runny when I exercise and I certainly don't feel like I get enough oxygen that way.

I also tend to feel much better when I breathe out for longer than I breathe in. It's more like 2 inhale and 3 exhale.

My pace is slow and when I feel it coming on I slow as much as possible to really not much above a walking pace. Slowing further brings me to a walk which I do for a few seconds to get my breath back.

I would really appreciate any tips or advice that others have found helpful.



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20 Replies

  • I'm thinking you are over worrying about your breathing, try not to and breathe in the way that you're comfortable with, mouth breathing takes in more of a volume of oxygen. During overexertion, if people think they are having trouble breathing, they will breathe faster to compensate. Hyperventilation onset by panic should be corrected by attempting to remain calm and inhaling deeply.

    The perception of pain from intense exercise can cause panic and may result in rapid breathing and hyperventilation. Make sure your not running too fast.😊

  • thanks for that Dave links,Stevy here am having same problem;sorry to but in apologies.

  • I find it impossible to do the 3 in and 2 out thing. I just try and breath as deeply as I can. What I find is that if I have something to distract me, whether it's something I've spotted enroute or what to have for dinner, then my breathing sorts itself out naturally. I sometimes try deep breathing when I'm resting at home too in my head it helps increase lung capacity but I don't know if that is true or not.

    Easy to say I know but try and relax and enjoy your run. All the best for W9 you're almost there x

  • Who can breathe through their nose and run???????? Anyone at all? I certainly can't.

    Slow down sufficient that you can breathe normally. You will find your run rhythm and your breathing will fall in line with it, but it does take time. Just relax and it will come. Don't worry

  • yeah I think even Laura says it at one point in one of the weeks "in through the nose out through the mouth".

  • l ca'nt breath thro the nose,- impossible when running.Stevy

  • Thanks everyone for your kind replies. I think your encouragement will be helpful in itself.

  • We all try and encourage and support everyone as we were once where you are now. It's enjoyable once you get into it and start making some progress. It's all over so quickly so do try and savour the time spent on it and enjoy it.

  • Thank you so much. I really am enjoying it! Especially when I'm not actually doing it hahaha. I do feel validated on the breathing thing for sure.

    It helps to remember that I also quit smoking in January after smoking for 30 years so it's to be expected that my lungs will be going through a period of transition.

  • I was a light smoker from age 14 to 36 and a lot on here probably smoked.. maybe this would be beneficial to you..


  • thanks! Looks interesting.

  • It's a bit like dancing - your foot taps the ground in time to the beat of the music. Trying to quickstep to a walz doesn't work very well. :)

    try breathing only through your mouth for 3 steps in and 3 steps out. In-In-In-out-out-out. Actually a walz is perfect music to run to :)

  • Just slow down even more and just breathe...:) Any way that works for you:)

    As davelinks says.. if you think about it.. it all goes haywire! Like blinking.. we do it automatically, but if you think about it.. weird!

    You are doing brilliantly and yes, your lungs will be recovering from the years of abuse :)

    Go you for having beat that gremlin!!

    So close now.... relax. enjoy the rest of the journey and coast into Graduation.. we will all be waiting for you! :)

  • I gave up the gaspers after being a serial chugger. Never regretted it for a second 😃 Don't ever go back there please!

  • no way!

  • I don't do a lot of reading around the subject of running but longer breaths in than out seems.... nuts *especially* if you are prone to hyperventilating.

    The in breath will take care of itself if you focus on a long breath out.

  • thank you!

  • Curious you should mention breathing,am having trouble myself.l find llift my shoulders when ibreath in,also l have a habit of looking down which must effect my diaphram

  • Chest breathing? Have a look at this link..


  • Thanks Dave,l"ll have alook at the link.Stevy

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