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The Next Step

This morning I set out on my run. I turned back not long after leaving the front door. But only to get my rainjacket. Just as well as it rained very gently all the way round. I decided to just follow what my body was telling me.

At the halfway point I decided to take a different route home. This meant a long climb up to the highest point around here. But the reward was a longer steeper descent to home.

Keeping it nice and steady I managed the climb. After the descent I added a couple of extra loops and ended up going a little further than I did last week. When I finished there was plenty left in the tank.

When I came home I did something which I haven't done for years. I weighed myself. The scales confirmed what my waistband has been telling me for some time. Now that I am running regularly I am going to lose weight. I am going to put the things I have learned which got me through this programme to work on losing weight. I can do this.

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You sure can do this! The determination that got you through to graduation is still there :) Your running is so obviously helping with the weight loss. It's the keeping it up that will take you where you want to be. Your running is really sounding so fluid and so much a part of you now, it's like you're just naturally morphing into the you, you want to be. I love your posts. Nightingale is flying!


Well done to you. I am lucky that I walk about 7 minutes along canal (which has gravelled path not mud) to a lake I do 6 circuits of. Perhaps when braver I may tackle running up and down the locks along the canal.

My weight has dropped dramatically until recently. I weight myself once per week and have about 8lb to lose to get to top end of BMI. I think perhaps because I am having a lot less to lose it will come off more slowly. I not too sure about the science of it ? But I am not worrying too much about it. 2 weeks not lost anything but then it dropped half a pound . So getting there.

I did my 30 minutes run today but later in day about 5 o'clock due to other pressures.. I usually do in morning which I prefer. Got soaked (not too heavy) half way into my run but didn't put me off. glad it did. Perhaps if it was raining heavy before I started I may not have ventured out. In future I will run whatever the weather. I managed with sports shirt and sweatshirt. Don't like waterproofs. They always make me sweat and not comfortable. Despite having good quality ones because of cycling. If out about an hour walking or on bike don't mind too much wearing waterproofs.

Didn't increase my speed or add couple of minutes this time. But happy that I did my minimum 30 minute target of whatever happens weather , routine wise or otherwise.

Weather up till now been great. Will have to get used to onset of Autumn/winter.

Think I may need to look up advice on wet weather gear ?

Onwards and upwards all . Well done.


Isn't it a great feeling to see numbers on the scale you haven't seen in ages...and knowing you can keep them down there by doing what you enjoy rather than all those never-last diet plans .😁


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