WK5 R2 Laces, Laces, Laces

Seemed a long time since Mondays run, and felt refreshed as I started the first 8 minutes, too much so I think so started a little too fast.


Quickly slowed it down as the long slight hill started to push back. Was pretty amazed to see that the 8 minutes took up nearly the full stretch of road before Laura told me to slow down to a walk just before the hill. Managed to still walk briskly up the hill to the 1 mile marker before setting off back.

Probably been said a million times on here, but funny how the mind works. When Laura said just 4 minutes left on the last run, I almost thought wow a sprint finish! :D a few weeks ago I would have winced a little at running for 4 minutes straight.

With about 90 seconds left, small disaster when the laces in my left trainer totally untied. Thought they were pretty well tight and normally do a double knot, but I'll blame the extra running, and early morning eyes for that one! For a few seconds convinced my self I could do a crazy run and avoid a slip, but in the end stopped for 5 seconds to quickly tie before finishing the last stretch. Figured having a fall is really not worth it at this point.

Annoying but I'll give myself a pass for this one, pretty sure I would have managed it fine without the slight malfunction. A warning for Friday to double knot and double check too, would have been a lot more annoyed had it been the last 90 seconds of my first 20 straight!

So Friday is a real test. I know for certain the 20 minutes will take me up the hill at the end, but hopefully if I pace myself in sections and keep the rewarding downhill in mind I can push on through it. A couple of times today felt like I could have started with a slight stitch (haven't had one yet) but slowed down a little and feel like I'm learning to recover whilst still running. Something I'll definitely have to try to do on Friday!

(PS) Forgot, about half way through the second run, passed an elder gent at the bus stop who smiled, actually managed to say morning as I jogged past! Small thing, but a few weeks ago I think even attempting to talk would have thrown me completely off :)

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8 Replies

  • well done, and its always best to tie the laces i think, saves disaster!!

  • Well done - sounds like it's going well and you should be fine for R3. Good luck!

  • I'm doing W5R2 in the morning. Last time I went out someone said good morning and I was also really pleased to be able to say good morning back - it's such a good feeling to know that your fitness is actually improving!

  • Well done! And yes better safe than sorry laces wise. That could have been a disaster. You are going great guns and I so understand what you mean about thinking four minutes isn't long. It was a revelation to me as I struggled so much early on and showed how my thinking had changed

    Anyway I've followed you on Strava. Hope that's ok. I've only started using Strava a few weeks ago when I started the continuous runs in week 7 and am trying to get the hang of it. See you there!!

  • Thanks & of course it's ok, likewise for anyone! :) I'm trying to to look into Strava too much at the moment, but will be good to look back upon hopefully!

  • Well done, how lovely that you can see all your progress in so many different ways! W5R3 will be fine with the attitude you have. Start slow and remember that once you hit 10 minutes you're counting down not up. You'll be fine!

  • Definitely will try! Think I'm thinking about the time a lot less now, probably because I'm enjoying it a lot more :)

  • I use a lacing pattern in my runners to keep them secure but still managed to trip over a lace the day I forgot to double knot them, I hadn't noticed they were loose before of the lacing pattern! Doh. Sounds and looks like you had a great run regardless of tiny pause, well done!

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