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Alf Tupper - The Tough of the Track

When I were a lad, back in the 60s, one of my favourite comic strips was Alf Tupper, The Tough of the Track. The story line did not change much from week to week. Alf was an oick who worked as a welder in a workshop underneath the arches. Invariably there would be a rush job that required Alf to work through the night, perhaps grabbing some sleep in the workshop, and working again on the morning of some big race. He would then set out by bus with his running shoes in a parcel under his arm and eating fish and chips out of the paper. He would arrive at the track, usually with just minutes to spare, where he would be up against the tall, handsome, blonde chaps from the running club who wanted nothing to do with him and would go to any lengths to stop him winning. Alf of course would over all the odds, which meant elbowing them out of the way, and triumph every time often collecting a new world record along the way.

Last night I was a little later than usual coming home from work so had fish and chips for my supper. Alf would have been so proud of me. This morning I went out for a run. I was not sure whether I would run fast or slow, or for a long or short distance. I would just see how it went. It went well. I ran further and longer than I did last Friday on my graduation run and I ran with a smile on my face.

So there you have it. Alf Tupper is my running hero. Who is yours? Coe, Ovett, Bannister, Brasher, Farrah or someone else?

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You'll have to put the distance down to the fish & chips you had last night and remember keep smiling

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Well now I've read that, you are of course! :)

Edit... when I were a lad ;) Lillian Board lived two roads away from me, she was amazing and I cried buckets when she died. (She won silver for GB for 400metres at the '68 Olympics in Mexico)


The guy in an old movie "The Naked Prey"scared the living crap out of me when I was eight or nine, especially as I "knew" already that I could not run!


Haha Alf tupper. I remember him from the Victor, my older brother's you understand. My hero was Billy Whizz but more from a hairline perspective these days.


Loved, that, my brother used to get The Victor and I loved Alf Tupper. He always won through! πŸ˜‚ Must have been the Fish 'n chips that made you go further....... well done πŸ™‹πŸΌ


Ooh yeah, that brings back happy memories 😊I am an avid comic fan. We had em all at our 'ouse, mainly cos my bruv was a paper lad πŸ˜€


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