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Hi all,

I am going to a park run and wondered how to warm up before at start. I was going listen to a week 9 podcast but wasn't sure if I should have a 5 minute warm up before we start and then a shorter walk at the beginning of the run. Any advice please. 😄

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What do you usually do ? Laura's 5 min warm up walk ? Can you position the podcast to start 5 mins in, do your warm up walk before the run and then press go on the running bit of your podcast when the run starts ? If it's your first parkrun I suspect that if you walk at the beginning of the run you will get demoralised as everyone else runs past you so I'd do the warm up walk BEFORE the start. It's up to you really, people do all sorts, running, walking, stretching, standing around chatting....


Yes it is the first. Thanks for the advice it'll definitely be a warm up before then. Thanks 😀


Good luck ! It's my

83rd on Saturday and I've only ever done a handful of runs more than 5k. parkrun keeps me at it though !


I just walk round in circles before the start!


If ours is anything to go by 1) you park a little way away from the start and 2) you get there way to early 😂 (esp on your first one). So, you have plenty of opportunity to keep your legs moving before it starts which lets you start with everyone else.

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What is the best time to turn up if it's my first one was thinking 8.45?


It's up to you. I get agitated before so have to get myself out of the house. Plus the one I do is about 20 mins away (the nearest one has a HUGE hill and I don't feel confident to try it yet) so leave time to get there plus for delays etc etc... Can you tell yet that I'm a worrier?


Oh, and I must point out that I've only done one (very slow) parkrun but have been to support my husband which is what inspired me to try running.


Do all your warming up before it starts so that you can move off with everyone else.

I've done eight Parkruns. I'm lucky that I live about a mile or so from the park and so I find that cycling there is perfect as a warm up. It doesn't use up any of the precious and VERY limited energy that I have in my running "tank" but warms me up. So I just arrive about five minutes before the 9.30 start.

I hope you enjoy it. I think there's a great atmosphere at them. No one judges you and everyone's just aiming to do what they're capable of doing.


I usually walk round the park for about 5mins we get there about 8.30 to get a parking space . So lots of time to chat and they usually like new runners or visitors to listen to one of the marshals who tells you about the course and some dos and donts .



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