What is "natural" running??

On the Internet, there is a lot of discussion by people about how they run "naturally". Some will say that they naturally run by landing on their heels first and rolling through to their forefoot.

I would ask them if they are doing their allegedly "natural" style of running - shod or unshod. ? We are not born with shoes on our feet - so if anybody is unsure of how they "should" run - just go to a nice grassed sports field ( one where they are no hyperdermics laying around :) ) and do some running with no shoes - slow. medium and fast. I am sure that you will very quickly find that you do not -- CAN NOT land on your heels. It is not possible without destroying your heels - as heels are not designed to take that impact. So - if you do currently run "naturally" on your heels, I would say that it is more of a developed habit created by wearing shoes with thick padding in them.

Try it - you will see what I mean .

There are plenty of vids available regarding good running form here youtube.com/results?search_...

And look at this poetry in motion

-- if only I could run like him!!!!!


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12 Replies

  • Blimey. That's impressive. Dang it! I bought posh padded shoes when I started this ... Hmm ..could try sculpting them down with a stanley knife ...

  • watch the old heel strike can lead to injuries i run like that but land midfoot and dont let my heel touch the ground so that my calves spring my legs down to heel strike or not theres a lot of hooh ha with this wish i had his speed though

  • A gazelle!

  • Very interesting video. Landing on the heel looks so 'unnatural' to my inexperienced eye. I must make an effort to look a bit closer next time I run to see how I land.

  • Amazing. Guess that's why he's an "elite" runner and I'm .... well, let's just say I'm not.

  • Thanks, Bazza... I shall think a bit harder about my technique when I trot off tomorrow morning...

  • Fantastic video! thanks for sharing. Interestingly, I could swear that 'Laura' said to land on your heel, which I had already heard was 'unnatural'. I am really only at jogging stage and wonder how much I can apply this technique now, or whether it really is something that works only when properly running?

  • I ran my w6r1 tonight and I looked a little closer at how my feet land and I can definitely say it's not heel first! It seems to be more 'flat' for want of a better description, a lot like in the video ;)

  • lol, thanks kittykat :)

  • Thanks for posting, thats fascinating, the difference in the way they run is amazing...we should all post slow motion videos to see how we compare?!!!

  • It's interesting as I've only just started running after a break of 35+ years (and an arthroscopy 6 weeks ago), I am trail running as that's what safe and locally available and pychologically good too (rough paths, hills, mud, etc). I'm running with my spouse and we're not using Laura (talking to each other instead) but we are following the running 'sets'. I had read about the heel striking style and find I cannot easily do it, it pulls at my calves, makes my knees uncomfortable, my stride feels 'wrong' and I cannot achieve any fluidity. When I stretch my stride and land a bit more like Moses, I am much more comfortable and yes, at the moment, I am running too fast (unsustainable I guess but hugely exhilerating). So if it's okay for him I guess I should stick to what I'm doing, but work on how to slow it down a notch if I'm to get to the 5K?

  • I did my run today and couldn't help but visualise Moses Mosop's running as I was going along... although I'm really just jogging, I had a bit of a burst at the end and felt my stride lengthen and I was him for a brief minute before Laura announced time was up!!

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