W9 R2 loved it first 5k

The weather was not in my favour today so I took to the gym, I was unsure if I could manage 30 minutes on the treadmill but I thought I'd give it a go, I set my goal to 5k knowing I could never get to it in 30 minutes and I didn't but I pushed through and actually ran for 42 minutes, I can't quite believe it, yes that's very slow but I'm so chuffed I actually managed a whole 5k, this programme has been great, I would never of believed it 9 weeks ago. I've even registered to do a park run this weekend. Keep going everyone.

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  • Great going, Clairratc. I'm sure you'll love Parkrun- it's ace :)

  • Well done. My first 5k (also on a treadmill) took 50 minutes! But like you I was very chuffed. :)

    Three cheers for C25k.

  • Well done! Enjoy your graduation run and parkrun!

  • Great stuff !

    Well done and enjoy parkrun ! :-) xxx

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