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First run today for ten days

Hi all, Oh boy did I enjoy my run today I feel rejuvenated and alive. I didnt realise how much I had missed running I have not been able to find time to get a run in for the past ten days due to hospital visiting every day. My brother had a fall and fractured his neck of femur,he's up and mobile with help now and making good progress so I can now have a little more me time. I have also missed reading the posts on this wonderful forum. Good luck you all where ever you are on your running journey. Take care

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Sorry to hear about your brother and glad that he's on the mend. Fantastic that you managed to get back into running so well, it really is good for the mind and body, isn't it 😀




Hope your brother feels better soon, glad you're back running.


Glad your brother is improving. After an experience like that, it makes you really appreciate that you are able to run doesn't it. Enjoy!


Oh goodness, your poor brother! Glad he's doing ok and has a lovely sister to take care of him.

Great that you enjoyed your first run back! It's a great way to have some 'me time' after a no doubt busy ten days!


Thank you, he's getting there but slowly just like me when I started running!! Hospital visiting twice a day doesn't leave very much me time but I know that I need to make some. After my run yesterday I felt like a heavy load had been lifted from me, running is a great stress reliever it gives you thinking time. I am really looking forward to tomorrow's run I now feel I am back in control after a hectic and traumatic couple of weeks. He's a super brother and worth every second of the time I need to give him. I'm still plodding on with week9 runs trying to up my speed a little,but I'm taking it steady. Take care.


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