Post from France!!!!

Post from France!!!!

Posting this from FRANCE.. no internet until now..but I am here! in the past!!!

Loads of issues the day we sailed, with my small LMTB ( little mother to be)...looked like we might have to cancel the trip. But all well, thankfully!

My next run is tomorrow!!!!

Last run in England on Tuesday. My next run.. will be on Saturday, in France... so three days rest!

So a quick post.( have to be joking), of my Tuesday run.

Seasons, soggy feet and... you can teach an old dog new tricks

First run post in a while. have been running, just not posting :)

Out early, but not as early the last few runs. I was still out before most of the village, were up and around. it is quite strange how when the schools finish for summer, the whole place goes quiet.

The rain, which had come down steadily all night had abated, as I drank my morning cup of tea..but as ever, when I set foot through the door, the misty morning was giving way to a light, warm drizzle. I was dressed, I was ready, I was out there. I met a neighbour of mine, who runs.. he was on his way in...I was messing with my phone and did not see him until he called a cheery, if somewhat damp, Good Morning as he veered past me.:)

Up to the road and a warm up walk towards Seagull roundabout..they may have been perched there, but the lights were shrouded in a low lying fuzz. I could not get my podcast to work, so in true @poppypug style..a bit of faffage and I was off.

A new adventure. I am running three times a week; generally a short run, about 3K and some bits and bobs, like Strides, or sprints, added on at the end, a slightly longer run, about 5 to 7K, trying anything I fancy, within the run and one even longer, up to 9K. I decided I would like to shake it up a bit and started with the Bridge to 10K podcasts... not sure who does them..but I thought I would give it a go... Week 1, run 1. 53 minutes.. walks and runs.. and someone, called Tanya?

It was different:) I enjoyed it :)

Down the hill to the village at a very gentle pace... no pressure at all. You do, the voice had said, take this at your own pace...not too fast!

The main road devoid of traffic, the hairdressers not, as yet, open for business, but the lights, now a rather lurid red, illuminating the new owner's sign, gleamed bravely in the gloomy morning. I crossed the railway line by the station; the thought of the old Black and White film, The Signalman, Denholm Elliot starred in it, popped into my head. ( I do have weird thoughts) ,as I looked right and left as I ran across. Do I really expect to see a ghostly train coming? Turning and running at this point up the hill, past Rookery Wood...dank and dark, I was having to listen very carefully to what was in my ears.. whether walk or run and how long etc.. it was a bit tricky, and really gave me no time to look at things properly.:( But, up the hill, up the Bridle Path.. A glance through the gate... too wet, too muddy, great deep ruts, full of mud-sludge. No, not this morning. Down the hill and into the next village. The fields to either side, still wrapped in a grey cloak , trees vaguely outlined in blurred profile and my shoulders feeling a tad chilly. What a change from the sun-kissed field of grain that I took photographs of last week. Almost, just almost , dare I say, an Autumn morning.

Into the village square and around the stocks, turning left along the lane and down a hill, on a route I had not been on..I forgot, same hill, has a steep incline from the bottom. Fortunately at this point, it was on a walk interval :) A forgotten, farmhouse, decayed and neglected when I used to drive past it on my way to work, has been transformed. Gone the broken windows, tattered lace curtains fluttering and snagging on the splintered glass, the crumbling stone-work and the gaping roof; now new roof, new walls, new windows, new everything. How things change. Just before the top of the hill and my turn, back onto a run. I wish in some ways, I had listened to the podcast first, to give me an idea of the format, but it was exciting.. run, walk... who knows what was coming next!

Back around into the square and along to my big field... the mist still clinging to the hedges and the dampness lying heavily on the ears of grain.. My feet were very, very quickly wet and my leggings. I was glad I had slipped my light running jacket on...The voice in my ears telling me I am nearing the end of the run... I was not sure on time, but still had plenty of energy left, the whole thing feeling really easy, and just so different than sustained running..( obvious I know.. but I am a simple soul :)) Coming to the track leading to my lane, the podcast finished. So I stopped and turned around to take a photograph!

I think the whole run/walk podcast was about 50 odd minutes... very, very different and enjoyable... maybe Run 2 when I am settled in France!! If it gets me to 10K, that might be good !

Silly really...I will only be in France for about four weeks, but I will really miss my fields.

When I return it will be a month short of my first year, Runniversary...imagine the post that day...( cannot wait I hear you cry :))

I walked home quietly... and slowly, reflecting a little, that although I wished it had been a sun-sparkling day, maybe it was better.. a hint of the coming Autumn , waiting in the wings, for when we get back home.

Wi-fi could be hit and miss in France, but I would love to post some of my, what will be, very early morning :) French runs and photos... I am hoping to link up on Garmin with @Curly girly..., who said that the sunflowers are out... cannot wait!

Because I will be travelling tomorrow and Saturday, ... everyone who is due to Graduate imminently, including the f incredible...Three Musketeers, now known as The Famous Five?

I will be waving the pom-poms and drinking your health!!!!

Everyone else Fleet Feet and Happy Runs... :)

Posting the past complete..I saw sunflowers Curlygurly2 loads of them...:)... :). Wi-fi hit and miss... so, if I do not post for a while..please don't forget who I am.. huge hugs to everyone... keep on running..:)


secan posted too... hoooray :)


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  • What a great post Floss...its given me something to think about too...

    Hmmm bridge to 10k...๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    Do hope you have a lovely time in your tin tent in France with your family. Sounds wonderful..

    Thanks for the news that secan is around too...we have missed hearing from him will have a look.x

  • 30 degrees.. currently.. I shall be running at 6a.m. tomorrow! :) Yes... we do miss Secan... :)

  • Hope you enjoy your running adventures in France. A new'll love that.

    Take care..x

  • I just love those sunflowers. As ever your run post is inspiring. Keep having fun. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Loads of them.. so beautiful... I cannot wait to run tomorrow... x:)

  • Lovely to hear from you Oldfloss - I did wonder if you were off on adventures somewhere, in the tin tent! Have a wonderful time among the sunflowers and carry on posting when you can (always a joy to read an Oldfloss post!) ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Thanks you... first run, tomorrow, very early... :)x

  • Great post. Would be great to meet up with CG - I'd love to see that Garmin post

  • It would be fantastic... I cannot wait to run tomorrow :)

  • Floss that sounds beautiful. Have a fabulous time in France and you'll get to wear your shorts ๐Ÿ˜Š I have an inkling you'll do 10K there and what a celebration that will be ๐Ÿ‘

    And no, we could never forget about you xxx

  • You sweetheart :) x My shorts are ready, as we speak... my running shoes too !

    10K... well... who knows... :)

  • Ooh exciting floss! You've reached 9K. 10K is in the bag. Go you ๐Ÿค— xxx

  • Maybe....just maybe... :)

  • What's all this about "maybe"?!!

  • Not tip-toeing through the tlips but maybe sashaying through the sunflowers. Have a wonderful time and I really feel that 10k is beckoning now.

  • Love that idea of a sashay... I shall attempt it..but carefully, on the edge. Do not want an irate French farmer, cashing me.. although... I can now run away! :)

  • Forget you? You must be a bit confused by the heat, are you dehydrated? You are one of the backbones of this community. A mentor to many, certainly to me. Even if you take a very long offline break, we will definitely remember our Oldfloss.

    I hope you enjoy France and I am glad to hear that your daughter and babyfloss is alright.

  • Iben, you are so kind.:)

    It is very, very warm.. especially compared with the UK ! I sat out last night and watched the stars come out.. 11 p.m and still 27 degrees! Wonderful.

    Yes.. it was a tiny scare, but it is all okay, else we would not have left....

    I am off for my run now.. later than planned, but it is only 15 degrees, so not overly warm... will keep you posted :)

  • Oh Floss, Big hugs ((( )))) So glad to hear you have arrived safe and sound.

    Weve had a heatwave today again in Manchester , it has been sooo humid today and the Pugs are grumpy :-(

    Have a lovely holiday and I am really looking forward to reading of your running adventures in France of which I am sure there will be many ! :-) xxx

  • Ooo.. I got the hug,, thank you x

    Yep, a bit of a shaky start and a long journey down to the Dordogne..but beautiful...

    I bet Manchester was really humid.. it is grumplie weather when it is like that!

    I am off for my first run now.. a bit late but heading out :) I think, along the banks of the river first ! :)

  • Looking forward to your running adventures very much, OldFloss. And we won't forget you even if you don't post for a whole month - how could we? As Iben said, you are a mentor to do many of us! Happy running!

  • it is true.. once 'seen' never forgotten sort of thing :)

    I went for my first run this morning... so beautiful! Post will followxx

  • Oh lovely, lovely post (as always) Oldfloss. Have an absolutely wonderful French adventure.. Post when you can and run, run, run :)

  • Went this morning... along by the river into the town of Le Bugue.. simply stunning! :)

    Thanks youxxx GRADUATE...Huge congratulations... I shall drink your health and happy running, this evening!!! x

  • Ooh you're in the Dordogne? We stayed near somewhere called Bugue in a little village called Proche. Beautiful as I remember (although there are probably numerous villages with similar names dotted across France). Enjoy the river. Enjoy the scenery. Enjoy the freedom! :)

  • Thank yoou...I am going to run the other way down the river through the fields on Tuesday!! Early..before the big Tuesday Market! :) So excited.. I love it here :)

  • Big holiday hugs floss!๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜†love the fields of sunflowers!you're going great guns and can't wait to read those lovely foreign posts!have a pain au raisin or two for me please!๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜†

  • I went this morning:) Beautiful.

    My husband and friend cycled for croissants and pain au raisins for breakfast.. i thought of you x :)

  • hope you had fun!

    you can't beat the real thing....mmm :) i haven't been for 10yrs or so! :(

  • Well.. to coin a phrase.. wish you were here... lots of flat bits!!!!!xxx

  • aah that would be nice :)

  • That's lovely, Floss. Sunflowers are just so happy! :) Thanks for sharing your run. As always, I felt like I was there with you (and I need these runs at the moment since there's currently none of my own). Enjoy France, hope you make that 10k. Please take me with you past the sunflowers. I can't think of anything better :)

  • They are amazing.. we are usually in France, too early or too late to see them..but this time..pure yellow wonderfulness!!!

    I ran by the river this morning and I did take you... we saw a heron, catching fish for his breakfast too :)x

  • Welcome to France Floss! such a nice post to find first thing when I open HU - a pic of my fave flowers! You're in luck BTW, the weather has changed this week, the mornings are much cooler now, but I expect you've discovered that already. The hottest part of the day is around 6 PM, don't go running then! The sunflowers are glorious aren't they, they come out around BaldyBoys birthday - 14th July Bastille day....he was nearly called Bastille by his father, but that's another story...

    You should be settled in by now, and had your first run - how was it? I hope you have some flatter ground than I have here! Here's my Garmin link, can't wait to see your runs!

    In case you didn't know, I'm in Cordes Sur Ciel, look it up, it's well worth a visit, I'd love to take you for a spin!

    A plus tard....

  • Hi there... I am here and it is beautiful. I love the sunflowers... sheer pleasure in a field !

    I ran this morning.. a bit late for me... along by the river into the town, it was nearly 8 ish... it was sunny and very pleasant! Currently 32 degrees, here in Le Bugue... I am about to swim.. I am going to try and link up my Garmin.. the internet here on site is , shall we say, changeable and temperamental !

    I am going to look up where you live too.. and see if we can get near to you maybe...will post soon :)

  • Yay! It'd be great to meet up! Nothing flat here though...

  • So... I would have an excuse for being so slow :)

  • Oh so you're slow are you? Good, I might be able to keep up with you!

  • PS

    Lots of flat bits.... Je t'aime :)

  • that would be great, a floss and curly run and photo shoot! :)

  • Is the world ready for that... Yes!!!

  • Of course!!!๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŽฌ๐Ÿ“ทx

  • a lovely post - lovely pic - thank you ๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒป

  • Welcome :) x

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