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Bonjour les autres coureurs (Hello fellow runners!! :) - I think)

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Just had a lovely 2 weeks in France (just outside Limoges) and wanted to share with people my post grad runs. It's now been 4 weeks since I graduated and I decided that for mt PG runs I really just wanted to 'enjoy' the run and not be too focused on time or distance. What I was really looking forward to was 2 weeks of runs whilst on me jollies.

My first 2 weeks running in Blighty were pretty good. PG Week 1 was 3 runs. The first 2 were around 5k and the with the last one I thought 'lets see if I run a bit further?' Well I could - 6k!! The feeling of chuffedness soon left me when I realised that that was too far (and too fast) and the next day I ached in a couple of places that I never appreciated would ache due to running (note to self - still need to investigate more supportive runner's underwear!!!!).

This affected the next weeks runs which definitely were a little slower but I still aimed for 5k and did it for all 3 of the runs.

Week 3 and we were in France - this is the great bit (and a little sad) but I actually Googled where we going and had a look what available routes there were - it looked great - there was a river to run long loads of quaint streets - even green lanes through forests etc - I couldn't wait.

When we got there - I realised I should have bought my mountaineering gear (not that I've got any) rather than running gear. It was ridiculously hilly/mountainous. Anyway I'm a runner now and we need to get on and JFDI. The first run - 10mins in and I was knackered - also although I went out early (around 9am) the temperature there was stupid hot. I needed to find a flatter route and get out even earlier.

For the next runs I'd seen that down in the village there was a nice route along the main route through and I decided that was the route for me. So the next run saw me getting down to the village for about 6:45 (!!!!!! - I'm on holiday!!!!!) and setting off. The temperature at that time was great, the sun hadn't risen above the mountains and the run was glorious. A nice cheeky 5k to start the day off.

By the second week - I'd forgotten about the aches of the first PG week and thought I'd have a crack at 6k again. Managed this although the extra time taken meant that the sun was now coming up over the mountains before I had finished and it was a difficult last 5 mins. The final run of the holiday was a 40 minute run and (get this) 6.47k. Sweat was dripping off me like a rung out flannel, but I felt great!!.

One thing I have realised thought is that I have to have a circular run. The runs in France were a run one way, turn around a run back - jeez that was awful. I've now idea what this means psychologically - but I hate, Hate, HATE a straight run. I even have to do a circular route when I'm walking the dog. If there are any armchair psychologists out there with and idea what this means..............

So, the purpose of this post - nothing really other than:

# Genuinely, I was like everyone else starting this program - I found each week difficult in its own way and definitely couldn't run 60s to start with.

# I'm now referring to a 5k run as my normal run - insane!

# I drive past footpaths and think to myself - 'I wonder what its like to run down there'

# Anyone who can advise on supportive underwear will be my new BFF!

# Oh - I've decided that B210K is the one for me!!

All the best


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Interesting post from you Paul, I am wondering if they have park runs or the equivalent of them in France? not sure about supportive underwear, best of luck regarding your B210K.

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Cheers AlMorr. Whilst I was out I only ever saw one other runner - cyclists on the other hand were everywhere!! Not sure if the same culture is there for park runs

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Sadly there is no such thing as Park runs here in France: there are runners' clubs and races over varying distances, but the frequency depends on where you live.

Where I am (Belgian border), it's few and far between, so I really envy your chance to do weekly park runs in the UK!

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Thanks for your reply 'frenchvisitor', I sort of thought that would be the case, a park run is a very British thing for a Saturday morning, perhaps it might catch on eventually in countries such as France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. Not sure if they have them over the pond in America. As a cyclist and recently a runner as well, I know that cycling is the main sport in France.

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There are eight park runs in France. Very few and far between, but they are there. In fact, look at the web site and you will see they are in quite a few countries. Our sn and his lady did them in Australia and New Zealand. But yes, mostly UK.


Huge well done indeed... :)


Early in France is before 7 a.m. and it is hot even you found out...


I also have to do circular routes... you either do or you don't ... and we do :) We rock


Under Armour underwear... husband ever... :)

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Under Armour undercrackers it is ๐Ÿ˜‰


Thank you for your post Paul. Iโ€™m also in France but just outside Bergerac in the Dordogne and am also nearly 4 weeks post graduation. Iโ€™ve found a reasonably flat 5k route (unfortunately out and back, as my circular route is only 4.1k). Iโ€™ be been going out at 7.30 to try to avoid the ridiculous heat, but can still wring everything out when I get back. I had got to 33.46 but for my last 2 runs was over 35 again. Starting to feel very disheartened, but after reading your post, Iโ€™m just going to take it as it comes and enjoy running for the sake of it. Sorry canโ€™t advise on underwear other than bras, which I guess wasnโ€™t what you meant ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Great work!! How brave of you to keep going with this heat on continent. I am starting week 9 and my final run will be in France also. Can't wait! Well done and keep running ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿ™‚

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Cheers Liliuk - it was an absolute joy running in France - but there were a couple of issues - I normally run in the evening but I couldn't in France as where we were there were no street lights. Also the pavements were a little hit and miss in the sense that the streets were narrow and many car drivers parked fully blocking the pavement which meant you had to go out into the road.

Enjoy your final run!!

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Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ and thanks for the tip. I will bear that in mind as I usually like to run in the evening too!


Hope you got your knacker knickers sorted. Decathlon do a cheap line in runner's Tackle Trainers (running underwear). Cheap as chips and reasonable, but buy a size bigger than normal. The French clearly have issues in the Crown Jewels department :-)

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