Newbie saying hi and after advice 👋

Hi there, I've been lurking a while and learning lots from others experiences.

I'm 44, 3 stone overweight and started running in March this year using firstly the NHS C25K app and then the Jeff Galloway 'easy 5K' app which is a run/walk combination much better suited to my size lol. I've done a couple of park runs and race for life 5K (amazing experience).

So now much to my surprise I'd like to attemp 10K 🙀 I'd still like to use the run/walk style but I'm a bit bored with the Jeff Galloway app (he dies a 10K app as well as the 5K) and wanted to try another one. Any recommendations please?


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3 Replies

  • To be able to be of any assistance - I would like to know what it is about the JG 5K App that you now find "boring". I am not familiar with his App - but VERY familiar with the programmes on his website and those associated with the RunDisney website. His training is quite simple - involving run/walk intervals where the run segments are done quite slowly and easily ( he does not specify any pace - but says simply not to huff and puff). Mostly they are only 3 days per week for all of his distances from 5K to full Marathon. He absolutely emphasises the weekly longrun - while the other two runs per week are short 30 minutes. For some training programmes which he says are for people aiming at a race time, he does faster 400 metre runs once per week. I think you will find that most other running training Apps or other programmes available on the Internet are more aimed at non-stop running - although any 10K training programme can have run/walk replace any non-stop runs. There are two things to consider when wanting to run a distance - the first is getting the endurance to complete that distance in no specific time/pace - and after that is achieved , then getting the stamina to complete the distance in a nominated time - two quite different tasks. :)

    BTW - welcome to the Forum - and congratulations for achieving what you have so far and for wanting more!! :)

  • Hi there and welcome. I ran/walked my last Half Marathon as I find it suits my heart rate. I've never used an app for it but I have used my watch. I have a Garmin watch that supports putting run/ walk in. I think you can get some of the phone apps to do this too. I think on the phone apps look at something like Runtastic or mapmyrun, endomo? and use the interval training to plot your run/walk. or I think you can even get a Jeff Galoway device that just gives you notice when to run/walk. With the Garmin and apps I think you can decided your splits which is something I like about them. Well done on all your achievements so far.

  • Hi and welcome!

    I just googled '5k to 10k' and got loads of hits for suitable plans, tried the same in Google Play (I'm an Androider) and again lots of apps available. So I would say take a look and try a few, just listen to the first few minutes and see if they appeal more?

    I admire your drive! Good luck.

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