Advice on Half?

Evening all!

I'm looking for some advice... Over the last 5 weeks I've been building distance for a 10K in July - made my Monday run my 'long' run: 5k, 6.5k, 8k, 10k, 10k - so far so good. I'm considering registering for the Cheltenham Half at the end of September. I'd need to increase by about half a mile a week - does that sound ok in terms of increase? Or is it a bit ambitious?

Any advice?




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16 Replies

  • Not that I recommend to follow my training plan but.... I trained for 8 weeks (minus a few days...) - and my longest run previous to that was about 8 k -(in October) followed by a long stint on the IC. Ended up increasing my distance by 2 km per week, I followed a Jeff Galloway run/walk plan, anarchically adapted by me as per usual...

    So yes, go for it!

  • Thanks Pigivi - just read your HM posts - miss a few days and look what happens - Pigivi runs a half marathon! Well done and congratulations! :-) Guess I might as well get myself signed up then :-)

  • 10% is the recommended weekly increase in distance or duration to keep injury risk minimal. That gives you plenty of time to get up to HM by September without pushing too far too soon.

  • Thanks Iannoda, I guess when it comes down to it, if it feels like too much too soon I can always slow it down anyway :-) Are there any rules around that 10%? Can I just keep sticking the extra onto one long run, do you think?

  • Yes you can - it's what a lot of us do.

  • Thanks Acton - here I go! :-)

  • I did the asics HM plan and you can taylor make it to how far and fast you are running (or slow in my case). There was one increase In The plan that was a stretch to far for me but I just broke it down and took a few weeks to get up to that distance. I have my first HM on Sunday and I do feel ready for it. Good luck.

  • Good luck Realfoodie! Thanks, I shall see whatbI'm fit for :-)

  • Hi Potty, I have been upping the distance on my long run by (about) 10% a week. I have a 10 k at the end of May and a half marathon at the end of June (!). The last 10% amounted to an extra 1.6 Km increase (nearly a mile). Half a mile should be really doable. Good Luck

  • Wow OG, you've got a busy few weeks ahead! Good luck with your races, look forward to reading your reports :-) Think I'm going to register for the Sept and Nov HMs and see how I get on :-)

  • A moment of enthusiastic weakness! :-)

  • Did the Cheltenham half in 2013. It's a good one, worst bit was the last couple of miles around the Racecourse, but they are promising to make it "more of an event" this year. Half a mile a week is definitely do-able. Go for it - what have you got to lose?


  • Thanks Chris, I liked the description of the course :-) I'm going to go with the 10% rule and enter anyway. As you say, nothing really to lose :-)

  • I'm doing my 1st 10k in September & if I do ok (that means don't fall on my a**e) I plan to enter a HM next year to coincide with clocking a half century birthday. I"ve looked at various training plans but some seem way too complicated. At the moment I'm adding 1/2 km a week to my long run & trying to pick up my pace a bit during the week. I want to feel confident of doing 10k at a decent time then i'll do the same to build up to HM. I feel that's right for me -being an old bird ☺ You just have to pay attention to what your body tells you. If you follow a plan but feel it's too much then take that into account. Far better to take a bit longer to achieve your goals than get injured.

  • Hi Sharon, nice plan, and good luck with your 10K! Sounds fab :-) I'll be 50 next year too :-) feels like I'm talking about somebody else when I say it though....? I found many of the plans either too complicated, or, needing me to run 4 times a week which I can't fit in round my girls and work. I was concerned to avoid injury so I'm going for max 10% increase weekly and, if I don't feel OK with a week's increase I'll delay it a week :-)

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