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Couch to 5K
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5k in the bag...ralking...


Managed my first 5k in a fraction under 37 min's...runkeeper kept good track this time (none of the usual wandering off piste that it does & I've measured it on a map, so I believe it for a change, so I'll keep that one!!) Ran mostly in the woods, with a nice stretch of tarmac to finish.

I used the Jeff Galloway style run/walk/run method (my second outing this way with 2 mins 30 secs running : 1 min walking intervals) & completed in about the predicted time for me, based on my previous best run all the way, which was a fairly level road run.

Difference is I really felt I could have run for longer than the extra .3k I managed, but didn't have time (bloomin' work) & not going to make the mistake of pushing too hard again! Also, I don't feel like I cheated ralking it (you know run-walking...ralking - less of a mouthful) and much less like an exhausted snail! :D

D'ya know...I really like this running thing :D

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Well done! I really enjoy run walk as well and find I can go further without being wiped - and the time doesn't work out much different to when I run all the way. Somehow, doing planned intervals feels much better than when you just run out of steam and need to take a walk break.

Glad you are enjoying your running.


Thanks, Ully...makes me smile such a lot - weird!!


Wow that's a fantastic time for that distance whilst doing a run/walk/run... going to try some more of that!! I've only done a couple of 5k's and the ones that I walked a bit were slightly quicker than the run only one!!


Hia Andy...thanks :D. I'm very impressed with this method so far, especially having only recently graduated and having a spell on the injury couch - it's worth a try. Well done on your post-grad 5ks, btw! :D

I worked out my intervals based on my last, best run (didn't run the magic mile). jeffgalloway.com/training/m...

it's worth a look (& a tweak, if you like!!)

Happy running :D


Ralking - love it! That's a really good time considering you were walking a little too. Definitely not an exhausted snail!


YAAAAAY well done Tiki :D super effort :D You know i reckon i like this running malarky too :D :D


Thanks Rob :D


brilliant...well done you ...and its fab isn't it :)


This interests me. I graduated in July but had to have time off during the summer and have now got back into it. I did week 5 run 1 at the weekend and actually remembered why I enjoyed running. I was thinking of continuing the intervals, but increasing the 5min run to 10. My basic theory being I can push it a bit harder on each run if I have a short recovery break. Think I'll follow the link to Geoff's page after work and get more info. I did feel that to be a 'runner' I had to run all the way but maybe not and maybe it's not cheating!


Hope you've managed to take a wee look at the Galloway way...have you given it a go, KP?

I've had another go today...adjusted the interval times to suit my ability and felt comfortable with it. Worth a stab :D


Tiki - I did look and feeling excited about the run/walk thing. I have a slot marked out tomorrow night, unfortunately only 20 mins, but better than doing the couch thing. I was a bit confused about the magic mile and the intervals, so think I might stick to Week5 run1 which is 5 mins run with 3 min walk. Also liked the look of the 5 programme and I'm looking forward to seeing if I can get nearer to 5K in 30 min, with the run all the way I couldn't contemplate extending my time to reach 5K. Next year I'm aiming to do Oxford Race for Life (for my friend Caroline who unfortunately didn't win her battle) and I want to run it and run it good!

I will become and stay a runner, I'm off to Sports Direct tomorrow to get me a lovely bright jacket to wear on my cold, dark runs - round the lit streets and possibly with my husband in tow - I'm a bit of a scardy cat about dark nights!

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I tried this with one of my short 3k routes the other day and I got one of the quickest paces for the complete run. So, that probably means that I am either really slow on a "non walking" run or that 1 min walk charges my batteries better to do a quicker 2.5 min run. Think I will continue to do a few more walk/run and run only sessions to see the difference... also would be interesting to increase the run times and see what happens.. all good fun and all good runs as far as i'm concerned!! :-)


Great Andy!

I love this way of running...tweaked mine today, to 2mins:48secs - still 11 minute mile ratio, but the shorter intervals suited me better for my fitness level and mindset! I use a playlist to help me to keep my pace on the running intervals - from 160 to 170 bpm today. I've dropped a few of the slower tracks and added a few of the faster ones for the next run, as I felt that I could cope with a little faster pace next time...helps me loads as I reckon now that I was always taking off way too fast when doing c25k, then wobbling and dragging for 25 more minutes!! :s

I agree though... Absolutely all good fun and all good runs :D


Sounds interesting, will have to try this, anything to jazz it up a bit πŸ‘

ETA: Just realised this is 4 years old πŸ™„ LOL still going to try it though


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