Newbie saying Hi

Hello - Just saying a quick hi :o)

Completed run 1, week 3 yesterday. Going well so far but can't imagine in my wildest dreams being able to run for 30 mins by week 9.

Great to see there are so many 'graduates' and hope to be able to call myself one in another 6 weeks!

First question - at some stage, is there any emphasis on speed to make it possible to run 5k within the programme time?




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  • Hi! I just graduated but had no faith in completing until I got to the end of week 5; then I started to believe even I might do it. And I did. It's a great program. You will do it!

    There is never, at any point, any emphasis on speed - other than the golden rule that you must go slowly! I wish I had realised sooner - it's not a race, it's about building the stamina and the belief that you too can run, together with the discipline of running/walking for 30-40 minutes 3 times a week. It's all preparation for becoming a runner. 5K in 30 minutes can be your next challenge if it suits you, but 3x30minutes is what these 9 weeks are all about.

  • As far as I'm concerned C25K means at the end of week 9 you will be off the couch doing 5k. Remember you have a 5 minute warm up walk, a 30 minute run and a 5 minute cool down walk. Altogether that is a 40 minute workout and will be more or slightly less than 5k.

    I tried so many times in the past and failed. Never thought I could do it. I have just 1 run left on the plan. It works and in another 6 or 7 weeks you'll be running for 30 mins. Enjoy.

  • That's exactly what I said to my daughter who insisted she had 'failed' because she hadn't run 5k in 30 minutes and the program is called couch to 5 k! I pointed out that she had indeed done 5k (many times) in her 40 minute outings BUT most importantly she could now run for 30 minutes. And that was the big achievement. There was no failure there however she wanted to look at it. Of course, being 21 my opinion didn't appear to count for a whole lot :D

  • Hi,

    I am 1 day behind you. I completed week 2 yesterday and actually enjoyed it. Although lol have new running trainers and open of them is rubbing at the min :-( didn't bother me until the end though.

    Your comments about your first day on week 3 are inspiring because at the minute I can't imagine running 3 minutes let alone 30 lol

    I believe it's not about speed at this time just getting you able to run 5k. Once you are able to run 5k you can then focus on continuing to do that and try best previous times.

  • Haha thank you for your comments about being inspiring! That's a first!!

    Have just completed 2nd run of week 3 and it really is fine. The 90 second runs seem really short already so don't worry.

    Have followed you too so we can stick together :o)

    Good Luck Us!


  • Quite the opposite.... :)

    The programme name, as has been said many time, on the forum, is a misnomer:)

    As MarkyD said in a reply day or so ago..the idea is three, thirty minute runs in one week after none weeks ( or longer if necessary).

    You do this at a slow and steady pace and hopefully that way, avoid injury and also, enjoy the journey.

    Welcome to the forum and this great programme. Listen to your body, take your rest days, take more than one if you need to...and don't be tempted to push too hard.

  • Hi there BeaGood. I'm a graduate, only in the sense that I have completed the programme and can keep going for 30 minutes. But 5k in that time is still a long way off. I go really, really slowly, but the upside of this is that I managed to get through the whole programme injury free. I am now trying to up the pace a little, attempting to do some proper running (as opposed to my tortoise-jogging), lengthening my stride, each time I go out. To my amazement I am getting slightly quicker...but I'm still a tortoise compared to most. Don't worry about it. The speed will come once the stamina is there. Keep going and have fun.

  • Thank you. That's great advice x

  • Hi I completed my W3R1 yesterday and can't believe I managed the 3 minute runs but I did whoop whoop. I've filled you so we can stick together 👍🏻🤞

  • That's great! Well done you! I dud my first w4 run yesterday..the thought was worse than the actual so ( almost!) looking forward to the next one!

    Keep on keeping on!

  • My first wk 4 run tomorrow - hoping it's the same for me!!

  • Good luck.... You can do it!

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