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Having read IannodaTruffe's lovely post about his 3 years post grad experience I went along to to read the article about slow running. Then I started mooching around the site - it's a great find, so thanks to Ian (I have spent 3 months trying to identify where the name Iannoda comes from, doh!) for the heads up and ladies (and men) head on over: lots of good stuff about self belief and running...

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  • There were a few copies of the mag in the staff kitchen when I started my new job in April - I really like the way it's got stuff at all levels, truly from absolute beginners to ultra-marathon runners. Well worth a read :)

  • There is a LOT more to this running business - than just putting one leg after the other. :)

    We run because we can - not because we know how to!! Think about that :)

  • Psst!!! Don't tell anyone, but I am not called Ian.......

    Truffes the name........Ianno da Truffe.

  • Sounds very exotic (for English ears). Does that make you a truffle?

  • My step-daughter bought me a two year subscription to Womens Runnng magazine last Christmas and it's just the bees knees having it land on my doorstep every month. I relish waiting for bedtime when I take it up and read it in bed!

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