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Thats teh ain :D 1st post grad run tonight in te cold and dark haha scary stuff but i ha dmy new head torch lighting the way :)

A run for fun as much as anything but a very good one ,felt very strong ,Knew i had run further than before as mu turn around point was further on and I ran beyond the 30mins for probably about another 3 mins , so all ina ll a good one to have under my belt . Then tummy said hello i'm hungry ,so did my 5 min cool down walk , shower and dinner :D

Hello running world my names Rob :D


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  • oops really must spell check before i post my typing isnt improving !!

  • Typing doesn't matter running does and it is going so well :)

  • thanks weeble :) have certainly got the running bug and it is improving :D

  • Well done Rob... although we will never forget Laura it is nice to plan our own runs. I'm out again tomorrow running with a friend to do a 5K. He is 20 years my junior and can do 10K in my 5K time... wish me luck!! He has promised to go at my pace though!! :-)

  • hey Andy :) thanks wow you are being brave :) I havent decided which way I am going to go yet, i originally thought 5k would be enough but really anything is possible :D enjoy your run tomorrow :D

  • Rob the Runner ! Ooh no ...that doesn't work. Oh well keep running anyway Running Rob ! Stay happy !

  • Thanks henpen . Just dipping my toes in really .loving it though :-D

  • Well done Rob ! Glad youre enjoying it, don't worry about your typing. I sometimes type as if Ive got bunches of bananas at the end of my wrists instead of fingers ha ha :-)

    Well I was just reading that the winner of the Cheshire 10k this weekend did it in 29minutes 11 seconds !!! That is amazing isn't it ?

    We are out there and running, okay Im not going to be challenging that time in my lifetime , but we are off the couch and that's the main thing

    Onwards, always ! xxx

  • thanks poppy :D that is an amazing time , i would be happy with that for 5K ! I am enjoying my running and not thinking to much for now about where it might go :) xx

  • Well done Rob. How good is the head torch? I've been thinking of getting one. Does it light up the way ahead?

  • Hi Rob, yeah it works and lights just enough to be able to run normally without worrying to much about whats underfoot :) Mine is a little on the large side so would probably say get as small as you can :)

  • Well done Rob! and welcome to the addictive world of running for fun : )

  • thanks scawby :)

  • Oh! Pedestrians look out, runner on the loose.

  • haha yeah move out the way runner coming through :D

  • Well done Rob. Pleased to see you are still enjoying it. It's nice when you see that you've done that little bit better each time isnt it. I changed the batteries in the head torch for this mornings run, and was glad I had, its sooooo much brighter :)

  • Hi Zev , thanks , going to use Runkeeper on sat morning run ( providing the sat's find me ) , lets see if can do the magic 5k :D then i'll have a time to work on :D I am pleased with my head torch :) have bulk purchased batteries :)

  • I can recommend RunKeeper, I have used it for all my C25K runs. I just set Laura off and then started RunKeeper and started my run when the warm up was done. Still using it now as I'm very sad as I like to "see" the run on the website afterwards.

  • i have only used it the once , and it worked fine :) when i tried again it couldnt locate me ?? did 30 odd mins 0.00kmh and covered 0,00km ..it did seem pretty accurate when it worked , I am going to run in the other direction on saturday ,fingers crossed it will work :D

    How did your run go to day

  • Ahhh... think your problem was you were lying on the couch for 30mins... thus no speed and no distance... classic mistake :-)

    Going out tonight at 4:00 before it gets too dark... will let you know how I get on...eek!!

  • hahah good one :) a rest is as good as a change they say :) it is getting dark earlier and earlier and definitely colder . Hope it goes well :D

  • Well done Rob, glad you enjoyed your 'victory' run, and sounds like you're improving already, go you!!!

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