Same Old Legs

Runs 1 and 2 of Wk1 were fine - good, even - but somewhere after Run 2 I developed weak ankles and knees. (I'm 58 and weight 11.7 stone)

I tried Run 3 on Saturday and didn't do so well, so I'll be doing Wk 1 again this week - I hope! Yesterday I went for a 6 mile bike ride and my knees and ankles were fine.

Do I carry on with C25K regardless, have my 'gait' tested again, do other exercises in the meantime to strengthen my knees and ankles? I've only done one week but I don't want to give up entirely. What would you suggest?


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9 Replies

  • Hello MrsLis I am also 58 and I have very week knees too. I have just completed week 2 run 1 so just a smudge ahead of you. I was pleased with how my first run of week 2 went but boy did I pay for it with a painful knee afterwards. Even with my knee strapped up Im not ready for run 2 yet. There is a shop near me that measures your gait which I am tempted to do although it does cost £15 to have it done. If you buy your trainers there you do get the £15 back so Its not quite as bad as it sounds.

    Both my GP and my rheumatologist think that running is the best thing I can do to strengthen knees, bones etc but the advice they gave me is let your body dictate how much to do.

    Please dont give up. Just dont push yourself too far, take as long to recover inbetween runs as you need but do keep going. Its such a healthy lifestyle to take up. Im still on cloud 9 for completing week 2 run 1 even if I can barely walk through the pain at the minute.

  • Shouldn't have to pay for a gait analysis or feel obligated to buy shoes from that shop, go somewhere else, have a shop around..😊

  • Oh really. Any recommendations as to what type to look for that would take the pressure off my knees would be very greatly appreciated.

  • Titch, if your getting prolonged knee pain when running, then you may need stabilising or even motion control shoe's with good cushioning. The video gait analysis should reveal which shoe's you need..

  • Go Outdoors do free gait analysis if there is one near you.

  • From what I can remember, I had various aches and pains on C25K and I am 52 years old with 2 stone to lose. However, if the pain worsens while running or does not improve after rest days, it might be worth getting it checked out by the Doctor. Try relaxing the muscles of your leg as you run

  • It may be your body and joints asking.." Excuse me please, what is happening"?

    Lots of folk get the twinges early JoolieB1 says... see how it will know if it ain't right... :)

    Lots of great exercises on the NHS site, strength and flex are good.. they helped with a week ankle/heel issue I had :)

  • Thank you for the replies and links. I'll do Week 1 again, exercise my ankles and knees on my rest days and see how I get on this week then I'll probably have my gait tested at the weekend again I think - always supposing that I can still move by then!!

    It's good to hear that I'm not the only one with weak joints - sorry!

  • I'm 57 and much heavier than you and the first few weeks caused me lots of pain with my ankles and feet rather than knees so I had to repeat each week until my body felt able to progress. I also got myself checked out by a physiotherapist to make sure there was nothing seriously wrong. However by the end of week 3 things started to settle and get over the activity shock but I think relaxing helped loads once I knew there was nothing wrong. I have progressed without repeats since then and am now about to start week 8. To repeat all the advice given to me - Listen to your body and go as slowly as you need to and if you need reassurance get those knees checked by a professional. Good luck. Believe me it's worth it.

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