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WK9R1 starting to feel concerned about what next!!!

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Wk 9 r1 done today, 30 min's in the bag wow, wow wow !!! it is starting to get harder to get out of the door now it's longer runs. I'm sure it's all in the head "those dam gremlins". But I get the last laugh when I walk back in after conquering the run ...

But what is worries me is am I going to to find the motivation to get through the door once I'm not counting down the runs to graduation.

Anyone else have these worries, advise and tips welcome thanks

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I graduated nearly 3 years ago - and I did the wrong thing afterwards ( like I think most do) - I was too keen to go on to faster and longer -- I really recommend that for the next month, you simply run 3-4 days per week , each 30 mins at a conversational pace. Do this until it becomes so utterly boring for you that you just have to "move on" .

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I did too much too and ended up injured. Baz is right.

I would choose quality over quantity and choose some interesting routes to keep your running fresh.

Running errands is a good motivation and fun. I bought a small rucksack from Lidl (sale on 4th August 😊) and now run to the shops etc. It was really useful at a Christmas 😊

Just make sure you have fun. You could join your local run group. I did, and one of the benefits of that is you can run with others on dark winter nights ☺


Check out the c25k+ podcasts - 3 years on I still use both Stamina and Speed regularly, though I now find Stepping Stone annoying. Like many people I stuck with the structure of 3 runs per week. I kept my 2 weekday runs to 30 minutes and gradually stretched the distance of my weekend run, first to reach the mythical 5k, and then after that to 10k. I stretched my run by adding 500m every second week. This is quite a gentle increase, and let me get to running 10k comfortably over about 6 months without injury.

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Thank you I will have a look at the stamina as speed podcasts, but really like the idea if 2x 30 min midweek runs and building on the weekend run when I have more time.


Well done on the run... I agree with the others.. enjoy the freedom of running for you:)

Three runs a week is my pattern Sunday, Tuesday and Friday..like ajwyld , I used, C25K+ podcasts... not Stepping Stone after I had tried it.. its is acknowledged as a weird one!

Like everyone, you will find your running path and what suits you! If you catch any of my past posts, I try loads of things now :) Mostly loopy, but all fun:)


Great run aostler :) Isn't it brilliant to be thinking "what shall I do AFTER I graduate", instead of the early week thoughts, "how the heck am I ever GOING to graduate" :) I've just started thinking about it too. It's a great feeling and having all this advice is awesome. Here's to run 2 :)


I'm a couple of runs behind you but already thinking post graduation plans as like you I'm worried I will miss the structure and focus of the programme. I am nowhere near running 5k though so have decided that's my first challenge to get to that by adding a couple of minutes per run and then consolidating that over the week. Like making my own week 10 11 12, etc till I get there ! I might just use the week 9 podcasts and rewind two minutes a time. Anyway too far ahead for now - got to finish week 8 and do week 9 first!!!

I am thinking of repeating the week 9 a couple of times in preparation for a Park Run near to where I will be camping that weekend. I thought I might just run with Laura and not worry if I have to finish with a walk.

Then there are the 5K+ runs to go at, followed by sticking on some music and a timer for 30 minutes. I am lucky that I have several nearby Park Runs to choose from so if I like them I can use the nearby runs to "train" for maybe a monthly Park Run.

I have even found Lanza Road Runners for my holiday in Lanzarote (not until March!). I have walked all over Lanzarote since 1984 but it will be a bit different to run.

Just listen to me! Seven weeks ago I wasn't sure I would get this far.


Parkrun might be a good thing to aim for.

Well done -so close now!


Well done you! That bag is getting a bit heavy with all those runs. Just two to squish in and dare I say the 'G' word. Happy you πŸ‘πŸΌ

I had those self same worries today, it was a real slog. Just two little outings and you'll be jumping through that door!

There are going to be a fair few of us dashing (note the positive) across that G- line this week! No gremlins will catch us πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£

I think I may choose my next goal once that G hat is on my head!!! Dreaming πŸŽ“


Thank you for all your advice and encouragement.

I have been looking and registered with parkrun, the is on near me every Saturday morning.

I'm not quite upto 5k runnung yet,my usual route is just over 5k but that includes my warm up and down walks, so think I will on try to build my distance then go for a weekly parkrun.

Once again thanks guys πŸ˜†πŸ˜‰

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