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For the first time in my running career, I picked up an injury a couple of weeks ago. Delighted that I had managed to keep my running going despite a lot of business travel and a holiday, delighted to complete an easy 5k back on home turf and full of plans, it had to happen. You may think I pUshed myself too hard, but it was nothing to do with running and was something quite innocuous. I have a tumble dryer stacked on top of a washing machine. Loading holiday gear into the washing machine, I slipped on the pile of laundry on the floor and simultaneously banged my head on the open tumble dryer door. At first, worrying about my sore head, I didn't notice the pain in my right hip adductor. Then I realised I couldn't comfortably bear load on my right leg.

It's now 12 days since laundry-gate. Having got back to the point where I could walk without pain, I thought I would try a run yesterday morning. Anyway, a run/hobble. I joined the start line of Parkrun with no real intention of running 5k, just wanting to see if I could actually run a bit. After a couple of hundred yards, I realised doing 5k was indeed a stupid idea, so peeled off in another direction, ran a slow jog for 2.5k and came back to watch the finish.

What a treat! Runners coming in in all sorts of conditions. I have seen the faster runners before of course, because they pass me as they come back for the 2nd leg long before I finish the first. I have seen all of them just after they finish when I have been barcode scanner. But never before the effort, agony, ecstasy of almost 300 people of different levels of capability 100m before the finish line.

The good news is I have no ill effects so hope to try a proper run over a similar short distance tomorrow, and maybe I will be able to do Parkrun next weekend.

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Such bad news about your injury, accidents can and do happen at any time :( Good to hear that you're on the mend now :)


Who knew doing the laundry was so dangerous? 😏

Hope your running is pain free.


Get well soon, Coddfish. Runners should be exempt from domestic chores. I'm recently back from a gardening/furniture-shifting tag-team injury. Their should be a law against it :)

Coincidentally, I volunteered for the 1st time yesterday, as a finish token distributor, at Parkrun. I finish near the stragglers usually, when I run. Maybe I am a straggler :)

It was insightful being at the finish line. Everybody gives 100% effort, regardless of fitness level or ability, and I think that's why it's such a good atmosphere.

It's not really about the times (well, it can be), but it's actually a level playing field

it's just people like us, hooked on running, pushing themselves for fun.

Anyway,Hope your run tomorrow goes well :)

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Oh sorry to hear that Codds :-(

Blimey, just shows you doesn't it how out of the blue an accident can happen , especially in the home. Slipping on floors , down stairs, tripping up, its a minefield !

Heres to your continued recovery xxxx


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