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One third of the way to 30 minutes running 😬

Can't believe I've done 3 weeks already , struggle to get out of the door and hate people seeing me but I'm determined . Luckily a young guy running this morning passed when I'd only just started final 3 min run so I felt in control , 2 minutes later and I would have been willing Laura to say slow down you've done it. Lol . I feel so good when I get home and stand in the garden doing my stretches . I love reading all the comments of newbies and graduates, the info is so helpful and pushes me on. Thanks 😊😊 xx

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Well done you. What a great attitude!! It does feel so good and you're right, the forum is amazing. Keep at it, you're doing great!


Well done Katie ! Hold onto that determination , it will stand you in good stead , and its great that you have got such a positive attitude !

You can do this , we are all here to support you along your way :-) xxx


That determination will get you through (and Laura of course). Well done on your first 'third' :)


Well done Katie you are flying! Keep on going NICs and slowly and with the determination and enthusiasm you have you will soon be wearing your graduation badge with pride. Good luck enjoy and stay safe.


Go Kate go. Well done you. We've all been there - or are following you. Do you realise you are already an inspiration to people on week 1 & 2? You are also part of the reason some of us graduates keep going. I still struggle to get out of the door sometimes, but you remind me of how far I have come and why I must keep going. And I SO remember that feeling of not wanting to be seen - but it's been gone for a long time now, and it will disappear for you too before long. We are all with you every step of the way.


Well done Kate, you are doing great. I wonder if we all go home and stretch in our gardens.


I don't! But should of course... 😂


I only ever seemed to see people running when I was walking. I always thought they would think I had given up! Now I see people when I am running too. Makes me feel part of the club! They might be c25kers too!☺

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