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W6r3 - how fab was that???

I decided to go out before tea this evening so that I couldn't keep putting it off and making excuses to myself. And took Troublesome Tilly with me too so I couldn't get told off for leaving her at home ;)

I had to collect her new hands-free lead from Mr Rainbow's work - only a minute away - so we got that first and put it on, then set off. It's a nice evening and it was nearly 7pm so I decided we'd just go up the road and along the bridle path until half time, then turn around and come back. I wasn't sure how Pup would get on with the new lead, but she was an absolute star.

We had to have a short toilet stop after the first minute of running, so that took about another 90s, but eventually we were on our way again. Off up the rest of the hill (credit where it's due, it was very nice having the enforced break half way up the hill out of the village!), along the lane. Five minutes gone, still feeling good. Over the road and down the bridle path. Trickier going as there's a particularly narrow path worn along there which both Pup and I wanted to use, but I had to be very careful not to catch her back legs when I was directly behind her. Ten minutes in, still feeling good. Half time, yay, can definitely keep going.

Turn around and head for home, Pup beside me for some of it which made it much easier. I was aware of passed the walking point from my last attempt on Saturday and was still feeling good, so kept going. Back across the main road, into the lane, and didn't even particularly notice the incline as I headed back up towards the sign.

All of a sudden Laura announced time was up - but I'd decided to do an extra couple of minutes to make up for the pause at the start. In fact I felt so good I did an extra 3 mins, so did a continuous 26 mins - and my one extra right at the start!

I felt I could have gone longer but didn't want to push my luck. The knee feels good, and I feel GREAT! Thank you to everyone here who's encouraged me to try again and not be discouraged - it's advice I find very easy to give and so hard to take! :)

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Well done, great stuff, you should be so pleased with yourself - Good job 💫


Great news !

Well done Rainbow and Pup ! :-) xxx


Well done... thanks to the Pup! You are on the way.. and getting closer :)


Betterer and betterer - my friend has just taken Tiny Terrier out for a w1 run, having passed me and Pup on our trot! :)


Well done, this is excellent 😀


Hurray for you! So glad it feels great! Keep that feeling with you and remember it for your next run! :)


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