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That was more than I planned - but not by much!

Having posted a whiny message earlier about how much I didn't want to run tonight, I knew I had to go, so back from Maternal Taxi duties, children nagged towards bed - or at least their rooms - phone charged a bit, and time to go. It was 9.35 by the time I was setting out, and the breeze had picked up nicely so it was actually lovely running conditions, nothing like the still heat I was dreading.

Since I'm getting a bit fed up with the w5r3 podcast now, having used it as my accompaniment for the past 5 runs, I decided to go with w6r2 - which turned out to be a very smart move since I thought 23 mins should be good, then realised that that particular run is 10+3+10! Excellent!

I thought I'd go through the fields again this evening - it's really tough on my legs, but hopefully slightly kinder to my joints than tarmac, and I knew it would be light enough to see safely where I was going. And what a beautiful sunset accompanied me!

To make up the extra time, I ran a couple of bits that I don't normally do - instead of the short 'through 3 fields, turn at the junction of paths and come back' I decided to add to the fun(!) by going along one of the narrrow (but official!) paths through the wheat as far as the woodland, then head back up to the main path. And as if that wasn't enough adventure, I then did the same up another wheatfield path, up to the grass path at the top of the field and along towards the houses. That got me to half time, so with great relief I turned around and headed back along the grass path (long grass is not fun to run on when you're tired!), down the path through the wheat (yay, down!), then back along my normal path.

All the way back towards the village, then with about three minutes to go there was just time to go around the first cul-de-sac. Two thirds of the way round I found myself deciding to relax and speed up, so I did just as Laura said one minute to go. Hooray!

All in all it wasn't a quick run, but field ones never are for me, and that's fine cos I'm not racing. But it was fun. And it turned out that in Laura-world, 10+3+10=24 - at least according to Runkeeper. So I did better than planned, too! :)

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That sounds a wonderful run :)

The Mum taxi.. I remember it well ( nowadays I am granny walking-pram taxi)!!!

I would have loved to do that run through the wheat fields with you! As you know fields are my favourite:) At the moment thought the grass, ( like where you were) is so long it is really hard, even when you are not tired. So, well done you :)

Beautiful :) Bet you slept well!


I didn't! I woke up too many times! :(

I did think about taking a photo to share, but it meant getting my phone out of my belt without stopping (cos I knew if I stopped I wouldn't start again!), so didn't. But if I do the same again next week, which I might well, I'll take a pic for you if it's even half as nice an evening :)

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Oh blow!!! A photo would be good :)

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Ditto on the walking pram taxi 😆

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Sounds lovely. I had a wonderful experience running yesterday, through a wood, when I encountered a deer. One of the benefits of getting out early.


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