Couch to 5K

Week 10 complete

I know I should probably stop counting now but anyway...

I've now done 3 runs since graduation. All for 30mins.

Run 1 = 5.22km. Run 2 = 5.27km. Run 3 = 5.44km.

Should I continue with running for 30 minutes and just see how far I can go? If so how long do I do that for? When do I up the time or kms?

I feel like I'm making a really nice and natural progression but I am always looking ahead and wanting to plan the next challenge etc.

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Hey, that's good going. I can't do 5k in less than 37 minutes. I'm no way an expert but I would think it depends whether you want to build speed or stamina. If its stamina, try going for a few minutes longer each run. At that rate you'll be at marathon level before Christmas!


For me I am just consolidating the time by going out twice during the week for a 30 minute ish run and then either Saturday or Sunday going for a run but only for as long as I feel like it. Including some small inclines/hills in all of those as well but not silly steep ones like I tried last week ( make that tried and failed ).

Laura has been put on the side lines for the moment as I found some music to run to with revamped older songs (youtube - running music). Some are well over an hour long. However in a month or so I will be listening to her again on the stamina, speed ones.


I think I remember someone(s) saying that the rule of thumb post graduation is 10% increase per week, but I'm sure someone will be along to be more precise in a bit.


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