Lost the plot ๐Ÿ˜•

It's been more than 2 weeks since my last run and I fear that I will never run again.

The fatigue crept back in, then the very warm weather arrived, and I couldn't think of running in the those temperatures. Even after the sun went down it was still so muggy - I just couldn't face it. (Please don't suggest I go at silly o'clock in the morning - that's never going to happen).

Now the weather's cooled down, but I've lost my mojo. I actually feel quite nervous about lacing up the shoes.

I was supposed to be well on my way through my preparation for a 10k in October by now, but there's no chance.

Deflated, of Bournemouth ๐Ÿ˜•


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35 Replies

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  • Come on Rhedwr , you can do this. You've worked really hard to improve your fitness and you know you really don't want to return to the couch. Completing the 10k will be amazing and that sense of achievement will last for days.

    Lots of people on the forum have said their running benefitted from a couple of weeks off, so ignore any gremlins who tell you you've lost what it takes.

    Good luck and please report back!

  • I had my training plan all mapped out to get to 10k a week before the race. Now I'll be lucky to get to 7k!!

    Nevertheless, I will run what I can run and I'll walk what I can't :)

    Thanks :)

  • Hey Rhedwr

    I just scanned some of your previous posts and the one that struck me was a few months back titled "tentative comeback" I think? Take a read and then you will see how it I cannot believe that you'll never run again. I'm not enjoying the hot days either but it is coming in cooler now for a bit I think. Is it the supersonic Bournemouth 10k you are doing ?if so don't give up I did it in 2014 and it's excellent. You won't have lost much fitness in 2 weeks so try a short run of you can you will surprise yourself and feel so chuffed too I reckon. We have faith in you!๐Ÿ˜Š

    Ps I didn't go out tonight as still feeling bit like the hot weather is not for me but will be out in the next day or so, don't be too hard on yourself x ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • I looked up that previous post, and you're right, aliboo70 - it's had the desired effect. I will be lacing up the shoes after work tonight.

    Thank you for going to that trouble.

    I love this forum :) x

  • That great news! I quite like reading back on my own posts sometimes to remember any triumphs or not -so-good runs that you forget about it can be a boost to read your own words sometimes!well done!๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜†

  • BTW, yes, the Bournemouth 10k. I did the 5k last year, just after I had graduated C25K, and 4 days after my Inflammatory Bowel Disease diagnosis. It was the most wonderful experience, and I hoped that the 10k would be manageable this year, so I registered as soon as entries opened. My training plan is now shot, however!!

  • It was my 1st 10k race.... i loved it. You have time to get back on track dont give up hope yet.... ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜†

  • You can do it Rhed, go back to Laura and do some of the early weeks of the programme to get your confidence back. The programmeid so well designed that you'll soon be back on the straight and narrow. Good luck :)

  • So many of us have found this humid weather tough. ( I have hated it ) Like aliboo says, it does seem a little cooler over the next few days, so why not give it go? You have still plenty of time to build up to 10k. I bet when you get out there again you will find that mojo returns. Take care and good luck.

  • You need to read cath14210 's post titled "two week break from running" ๐Ÿ˜Š

    You're a graduate so you've done the hard bit, you have loads of time until October and try to remember this is about having fun ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    Put on your running shoes and go for a walk. I bet you'll be tempted to have a little jogette at some stage ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I found the post, and it is very reassuring! Thanks :)

  • Two weeks off is fine, you'll still be in form for that 10k. Are you overdoing your runs? I burnt out when I was always pushing further. You need some easy weeks in there, to scale back your running or take a total break. Now is the perfect time to lace up your shoes and go for a fun run to ease back in - whatever kind of running/walking you like.

  • That's key to getting back - allowing myself some easy weeks. I have definitely been pushing too hard - trying to get ready for the 10k in October.

    Perhaps I just need to be a 5k person for a bit longer! :)

  • Next time you think "perhaps I should go for a run" just jump off the sofa and lace up before you can talk yourself out of it. Don't give yourself time to think about it, just go. Even if you can only run for 10 mins, that's a step. You can slowly build back up. Good luck!

  • Rhedwr, I am lucky enough to have not yet experienced losing my running mojo, so I might not be the right one to advice you. But I think the basic question you need to answer is whether you want to be a runner? If you do, you have to get back in the game. So take the plunge. But run for fun. Don't pressure yourself. Just do a nice little 3k in an easy pace. You can do it.๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿƒ

  • I think i need that little motivational quote on my desk -

    I AM A RUNNER !!

    Thanks :)

  • Go for a short run at an easy tempo. Twenty min is fine. If you feel like it, tack another 10 min on the end or build back up 5 min exra per week say till you are where you were.

  • Is it worth checking in with your health professionals? This is just catastrophising talk and maybe it is to do with your illness or the consequences of it.

    I'm going to suggest pretty much the same as everyone else... get your running things on, don't talk to yourself about what you are doing, just do it and get out on your warm up walk... and then see... just 5 minutes, just another 5 minutes and keep moving (whether that's walking or running or a mixture) for 30 minutes. You could take Laura of course.

    Irish-John put up a great post yesterday detailing all the obstacles his mind put in his way. Read it, laugh, and then do the same as him.

  • I saw my consultant on Monday and explained I've not been able to run for 2 weeks, so I had more bloods done yesterday. I'll know soon enough if anything is awry.

    Fortunately my GP is a runner, and she's been great in encouraging me to do whatever I can manage, but not to overdo it and not to beat myself up when I need to back off (I have failed on both counts).

    Irish-John's post brought me to tears, and I laughed out loud. Thanks for pointing me in his direction.

    I am inspired by you lovely lot to go out after work tonight! :)

  • Ah good!

    I sometimes think that those of us who have underlying health issues which mean that sometimes we should take it easy don't have the luxury of gremlins!

  • Come on you!

    These pesky mojos.. like the gremlins are blinking nuisance..! They hide... when it hot... and when it is wet.. and when it is cold.. and sometimes.. just because they want to!

    Yes you will run... you are a runner! Listen to the great advice from our chums... just get your shoes on and get out there. !

    Please, don't let this stumble in the road, be the end of your journey :)

  • 2 weeks is nothing :) is actually a good thing to stop every now and then, just to get in touch with your non-runner side :) I personally stopped for 8 months the first time I restarted running with my couch to 5 k program, and the year after for 3/4 months. This year I managed to run once or twice a month for the autumn months.

    Funny thing .. I have always come back with the feelings you are describing and in my of last year and this year I ran the belfast city marathon...

    The only fact that you are writing here puts you on the good path to run again :) Try to enjoy what comes with it (energy, motivation, been in the nature, meditation... whatever works)

    hope to read soon you are back


  • Thank you, you wonderful lot!!

    I shall be going out for a 20-minuter after work. For once, I hope the sun doesn't come out this afternoon!

    Watch this space :)

  • Will keep an eye on you :-) ;-)

  • That's more like it...๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜€!

  • You can do it! (Says I, who is struggling to find motivation at the moment too!) I need to go this evening, and tackle w6r3 again. We can both do this!

    And yes, let go of the targets and dreams for the 10k, and just enjoy doing your best on the day. I don't mean don't train any more for it, but just don't put extra pressure on yourself. I did a 10k in June last year, and while I was really pleased with it I put too much pressure on myself in the preparation, pushed on through a sore knee, and ended up stopping running completely afterwards for several months. I'd rather take it gently, do my best, but enjoy it more and be able to keep going now.

  • I've already had that talk with myself - weeks ago.

    Unfortunately, I forget that at my age and with my health issues I should be aiming for regular but enjoyable activity. Instead, I get myself caught up in the "must do more" and "must do better" mentality - it's just my personality type. Then I overdo it, lose the fun, wear myself out and start making excuses for why I can't do it any more.

    If only I could stop working full-time I could relax a little!! ;)

  • We're all definitely our own worst enemies! Yes, it's good to have some sort of target to motivate us, but when it becomes a threat held over us it's always counterproductive - and yet despite knowing this, we do it again and again!

    My current target is 'enjoy the Glow in the Park' - for once I'm managing not to set anything more challenging than that. I can't say I have to run the whole 5k as both daughters will be doing it with me, and I can't see both of them running 5k by then - even though there's actually no reason on earth why they couldn't. Maybe I should sign them up every time I want to do a run, to help me keep the perspective.

    On the down-side, the fact that I have no target time means it's harder to keep motivate with running at all, and when it's this warm and humid it's so easy to put off each run 'until tomorrow'... I guess there's nothing for it but just to go and do without thinking about it!

  • I've had far too many of those "tomorrow" targets.... :(

    Today's the day !

  • As I said in my post a two week break has actually done me the world of good. It has given my body time to heal (I had a few knee and ankle issues which have disappeared like snow melting in Spring) Your next runs will probably be all the better for it. By the way you did well to suspend running activity during the heat wave. It can be too much of a strain on the heart.

    Let us know how you get on. I'm mightily impressed by anyone contemplating 10k.

  • Someone here recommended your post, and I read it this morning. It hit the nail on the head!

    I shall be putting the kit on after work today! :)

  • I can totally understand where youre coming from Rhedwr. I took a 2 week break last year when the weather was hot , and like you I just felt so nervous of going back out there again.

    I just went out and did 20 minutes, although I was still humming and aahing about it when I was going out of the door !

    I did it though and then I realised that this love affair I have with running would always be something I have that would never go away. I have had the occasional week off here and there earlier this year, but its great to know my runners are there waiting by the door for when Im ready to go out again .

    It is a bit cooler here today, a welcome relief from the really hot temperatures we have been having .

    Let us know how you go on :-) xxx

  • You can do this! It's like riding a bike, you won't forget. From what I can gather you also wouldn't have lost that much fitness in 2 weeks. I'm in the middle of 4-6 weeks on the injury couch so I need to know it's doable after 2 weeks or I'll never get back out there :) Go and lace those shoes up and give it a go! You'll soon remember how amazing it felt!

  • Did it! Only 20 mins, but at least I've broken the curse! ๐ŸŽ‰

  • Yay, well done! How do you feel?

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