Might have lost the plot!

So I am beginning week 9 tomorrow and really looking forward to it. I am sure I'm no where near 5km, I've been aiming purely for the 30 mins of running. We have an annual race in Geneva called the Escalade live.escalade.ch/en which takes place on December 3rd. I have been and watched in the past and been in total awe that people can run that far! It is a great atmosphere and an event for the calendar for runners and non runners alike. There are runs for all different levels of ability so I've signed up for the beginners/fun 2 lap mixed race which is 4.8km. Part of me didn't want to have to wait a whole year before I could enter, but part of me is worried I've taken on too much too soon. I figure I can always walk if it is too much. I would have preferred to wait until I graduated to make up my mind, but the deadline for sign up is 1st November. Any words of wisdom out there for me? I am in shock that I've actually signed up for it. I guess if I'm really not ready by next month, I don't have to go. Have I lost the plot???


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  • No you havent lost the plot. Go for it , run what you can, walk what you need to and most of all enjoy 😊

  • Thanks so much for your encouragement!!! Yes and I guess worrying about it defeats the object of entering, I shall focus on enjoying it, and the fact that I can even consider it as an option!!! 😊

  • It sounds do-able to me.

    You could sign yourself up for Parkrun, which takes place every Saturday morning all over the world. It's 5k and would be good practice for you. Lots of folks make their final run of C25k on Parkrun Saturday.

    Have a look at Parkrun website for your local venues

    By the time you graduate you will pretty much on your way to 5k I think. If not, you have time to work your way in time for your race

    Once C25k is out of the way you can download the follow-up free podcasts of C25k+ podcasts which is called Stepping Stones and consists of 3 podcasts, eg Stepping Stones, Stamina and Speed. A trio of interesting little programmes which are designed to take your running to the next level and lead you into Bridge to 10k territory. These podcasts are voiced over by Laura of C25k and Strength and Flex podcast fame, so you'll be on familiar ground

  • Thanks so much for all your tips. I will look into park run on the morning. I thought it was a UK thing so am excited that I might find one near me in France or Switzerland! I'm so glad to hear that Laura is on the follow up podcasts. I was already thinking about missing her. Before I've even finished! I'd never heard of the strength and flex podcast so I'll have to check that out too.

  • Hi misswobble - which Bridge to 10K do you recommend? There are just so many out there. Thanks! B

  • You've got nothing to worry about. As others said what's the worst that can happen. You may have to walk part of it probably in the company of loads of others. Youv'e come so far and you never know after continuing after week 9 you will gradually be increasing your running time and distance bit by bit.

    Sometimes the running comes on in leaps and bounds. I think for myself at week 9 about july / august time I may have been doing just over 4K I gradually increased my duration and in about a month to 6 weeks got up to about 33 to 35 mins doing 5K. Now I am doing 40 minutes and just over 6K. Some here use a guide of increasing your time by about 10% each week. But this is only a guide. do whatever you feel comfortable with.

    We are all different and just set your own goals. Apart from any serious injury while running (as others say listen to your body) the atmosphere of the event might carry you a bit further to complete it ? But the thing is to enjoy it whatever happens.

  • Thanks for your encouragement! Wow, you'be made quick progress - well done you. I guess I just need to keep at it, and enjoy it! Yes, if I need to walk some, it's really not a problem and the race I've entered is aimed at beginners and those wanting to have fun so I think that's what I'll aim for. Actually feeling quite excited now that I'm getting over the shock of signing up!

  • Yep Parkrun is global. Yet it's local and ever so friendly.

  • Just what I'm looking for πŸ˜€

  • Actually the timing is perfect. My first 5k race was about a month after graduation and it was great for a goal after the program. It was so rewarding, it was like graduation all over again. You'll be great. And if you walk some, no big deal. I still often walk in events and it was over two years ago I graduated. The important thing is to give it your best and above all else have fun. We'll be eagerly waiting for that race report now.

  • Thanks so much for your encouragement!!! All the support here is calming my nerves and I'm beginning to feel a bit excited!!! I was a bit worried about what I'd do after I graduated so I guess you're right, now I have something clear to focus on which will definitely help me to keep at it. You're response was hugely reassuring, I hugely appreciate it!

  • What's the worst that can happen? :) You come in last and everyone who does not run secretly wishes they had your sangfroid! ?

    Best bit of advice I ever got was years ago when an old Salt said he lived life according to the maxim "When the day comes that you are facing the firing squad - smile at them. That way, you will go out with style"

    Don't let fear get in the way of fun ;) Enjoy your run and tell us all about it afterwards OK ? We are all in it together 'round here :)

  • Great advice πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸ» If I come in last this year, it'll make next years goal much more manageable πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚ Yes the taking part and having fun is goal enough for me this time round. Quite looking forward to it now thanks to all the support here. Thanks for your kind words.

  • Just to say that I did my first outdoor run this weekend at a parkrun and come 140th which was last.

    I am 64 and overweight, did up to w7d1 on a treadmill then after being unwell for 4 weeks started again. Last week in week3 I found this site and worried about running outside asked questions and was encouraged to try a parkrun.

    I did more walking than running and was last all the way round. Came in at 46.59 and felt great, everyone there was supportive and full of praise.

    I admit that I ached yesterday but I can't wait to get back and shave at leased the 59 seconds off my time , and expect to be last again, but someone has to be. And there is always a parkrun helper who runs or walks behind at your pace to support you

    until you finish.

    My goal now is to finish the c25k and gain more stamina . Aim to get 41.10 by my 65th birthday in April which I have found out will make my age related stat 50% .

    Now I have told you all on here it has spared me on to do it.

    So coming last is not the worsed that could happen, staying home and wishing you had gone is

  • Thank you so much for your encouragement. You are so right - the worse thing that could happen would be me not having a go because of worrying that I couldn't get round without walking. It is such a shame to put unnecessary pressure on ourselves. You are such an inspiration, I would never have had the courage to try a Park Run before finishing the 9 weeks of the program (I very nearly didn't enter this because I hadn't completed the last tree runs before the deadline for the sign up!) Well done for getting back to c25K after being unwell, and well done for moving from the treadmill to the outside. I look forward to hearing about you shaving off the 59 seconds on your Park run and your 41.10 by your 65th Birthday in April. This group is so supportive, thank you so much for being here, for your enthusiasm and for your wise words.

  • Three months on, finally run 5k all the way. Shaved 2.02 minutes off my time. Now have the task of shaving off another 3.47 minutes off by 21st April thanks to your encouragement . Carry on running

  • I think the point of C25k is that if you can run for 30 mins (which you will be able to do by the end of w9) then your body knows enough about running to be able to get you to 5k even if it takes you considerably longer than the 30 mins. You should be absolutely fine to do your 4.8k in December. Have confidence in yourself and what you are able to do physically. Who knows, YOU might inspire someone else to give it a go next year....Enjoy !

  • Thanks so much for your encouragement, yes just need to relax enjoy and give myself permission to go very slow (and of course enjoy it!!!)

  • I think it's great that you have set yourself a goal! I will go out today on my first run of week 9 and maybe I should look into running a 5K some time in December. BTW, I had a look at the site and it looks like a really well organised event that, no doubt, will be a lot of fun :-)

  • Thank you for the affirmation! So we're at the same point in the program!!! Yes go on, find yourself a 5km for December and let us know how it goes. :-) The event has a Brilliant atmosphere even if you're not running!!! Until now, I always thought that the running was for 'other people.' Am so happy to be one of those 'other people' now.

  • Love the area where you live! I have signed up for a 10K next June in Chamonix. Still got plenty of time to get ready for that :-). In the meantime I'll look for a 5K a bit closer to home. Enjoy the runs this week! B

  • Me too! Thank you. Am so impressed you've signed up for a 10km already, it's good to have a goal to work to. I think 5km and then 5km in 30 mins will be enough to keep me going for a while!!!! I'm guessing a Chamonix run will be hilly, is it hilly where you live? Good luck with finding a 5km closer to home, and you never know, I might see you at the Chamonix run in June ;-)

  • No it's pretty flat where we live (London). Oh and did I mention I'm original from the Netherlands? It's pretty flat out there :-)

    I know Chamonix well though and have walked this route often although never been up the last bit which is pretty steep (a total of 325m Vertical incline)...

  • I Love your enthusiasm and sense of adventure. I just watched the video of the 10km and it scared the life out of me!!! I would LOVE to be able to do this one day!!! Bravo you for diving straight in.

  • Well, it's still 8 months away and I'm in my final week of C25K! So bring it on...in 8 months time ;-)

  • I'll see how I get on. :-)

  • The link to the run in June in Chamonix: montblancmarathon.net/fr/

  • Fabulous! You are going to love it!, go along, relax, chat to some people, you'll be surprised at how many will be doing their 'first' event, and will be just like you.

    Then, you'll finish, get some bling (I hope there is bling!) and wonder what you worried about - then you'll be searching for your next one πŸ˜„

    Oh, and of course you must do a write up with pics on here - it's the rules you know......πŸ˜‰



  • Thanks for your encouragement!!! Bling? I never knew there could be a possibility of bling!!! If there isn't any at this one, I'll definitely look for one where there is some. Thanks for letting me know the rules regarding write ups ;-) I Love this group you are all so friendly and fun. Thanks for being here.

  • I did, and still do, the free Sami Murphy podcasts. they are here somewhere in a Dropbox file ☺there should be a link

    5 weeks of a structured programme. someone here Is on week 4 at the mo. you might go over to the 10k community as there will be more conversation over there about working towards 10k ☺

  • Great, thanks so much. I will check these out after my race in December - 10km seems like a long way off for me right now! Did you see misswobble's post above BarbaraK?

  • No, thanks! Is this referring to the next step up from 5K to 10K? And where can I find the Dropbox file? Thanks, Meintheuniverse and misswobble

  • I believe so. I found this link, though it's not drop box. healthunlocked.com/couchto5......

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