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Question for post c25k

I am pretty close to graduating now so this is a quick question for graduates.

After you have finished c25k and continue to run (whether its sticking to 30 mins or increasing or whatever) do you continue with the 5 minute warm up and warm down walks?

While I like them, especially the warm down walk, they feel a little long and unnecessary sometimes. Could I maybe decrease the time?

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I don't always do the full 5 minutes, though I run after work, so have been moving about a bit before hand. I do walk to the end of my street before starting to run and would do a few stretches as I walk. The 5 minutes may be a bit long but you would need to do something. I also start out easy and build speed up.


I definitely do. I think it's important and I think you notice the difference if you don't do it. For me though, a lot of it's psychological. I use the warm up to psych up and get my focus in gear and the cool down as a bit of a debrief and break down of how I felt, good or bad.

Physical reasons too though. On weds for example, straight after my 5k, I stopped to take a celebratory post-run selfie and by the time I'd done it, my legs had completely seized! In just about 30 seconds. Walking it out and not coming to a complete stop straight away helps so much. The more you stretch and walk, the more grateful you'll be later. Without stretching and walking, your muscles will shorten and tighten meaning that you'll lose flexibility and suppleness. The stretching helps counteract. All in all, I'd keep the walks in :D Happy running!!

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Yes I definitely agree with this Hannah.

I always do the warm up for at least 5 minutes and have been known to walk for 20 minutes on my cool down . If Im in the park I will do some stretches against a tree or a bench . It just seems to calm everthing down for me and I can chill out a bit whilst Im walking home .

I suppose you could do warm up exercises before you leave the house David9 , maybe some running on the spot, star jumps etc just to get the blood flowing :-) xxx


When the winter arrives it becomes even more important to do a warm up, to gently loosen up muscles and get the blood flowing, before you work them hard. Warm down (cool down?) is also vital to clear any lactic acid build up. If it is good enough for the pros then we should take notice.


Yep, warm up and cool down walks remain a standard part of the run for me. Time to mentally and physically prepare.


Yes, they're essential and help prevent injury. A warm up helps your muscles loosen up and prepare for the workout that is to follow. A cool down (plus stretches) will greatly help with post run stiffness.


I still do the 5 minute warm up and cool down. Its my way of waking up and letting know the muscles are going to be doing a bit of a harder job. Especially as I am one of the early starters and they need warming and stretching before I start.

Time wise I am going to stick to around the 30 minutes depending of the heat. In this hot weather you do not want to get dehydrated. I mean this morning I must have drunk some 4 pints of liquid pre, post and during the run.

I also, after a very hot or long run, have a berroca drink just to ensure the vitamins and salts are not to low due to my sweating them out.


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