Getting faster!

You know, it really is exciting and satisfying when things come together and you can see real progress with your running. This week I've felt really good. I'm lucky in that my life circumstances mean I can easily schedule runs into my life (I'm self employed, effectively). Running regularly makes a huge difference to you. I'd been getting a bit frustrated (stupidly and illogically, I know) that I wasn't running as fast as I'd like, but....

Monday I knocked 2 minutes off my 10K PB; now 68 minutes

This morning I took 35+ seconds off my 5K PB; now 31:23

A sub 30 5K looks much less unachievable now :)

The message, kiddies, is keep running and believe!

Today's run:


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  • Well done Steve, nice to see the times coming down.

  • I'm more than impressed, I'm in awe of you. I'm planning on doing the Oxford Parkrun in a few weeks time so I'll look for the cloud of dust you're kicking up miles in front of me!

  • Oh, I'm usually about 20th from last! Let me know when you decide when to do the PR, and we'll have to have a coffee and a chat afterwards.

  • I'm looking at (provisionally) the 30th of May as it's my Run 2 of Week 9.

  • I'll almost certainly be there! The only day over the next couple of month I know I won't be there is 20th June, although I'll probably volunteer that day. 21st June is Run Jericho.

  • Fortunately, I had the good sense to know that I wouldn't be ready for Run Jericho, but in C25K Week3 I got carried away and entered for the Oxford Half Marathon on Oct 11th, such is the enthusiasm generated by the forum.

    I may live to regret it but I'm still deluded enough to believe I can rise to the challenge within 6 months.

  • Now, there's a thought!

  • Well done Steve.

    By my back of the envelope calculations if you keep knocking 30 seconds off your PB every 3 weeks or so you will break the world record in a little under 2 years. ;)

  • Great stuff! Take care, go steady x

  • You can't go steady all the time, sometimes you have to push - you know that! Having said that, it's important to listen to your body and learn its little signs and messages.

  • Well done Steve, those PBs keep tumbling!

  • I'm dead chuffed, Ully!

  • very good improvement Steve , well done :)

  • Well done Steve!

  • I knocked 4 minutes of my 5k time in the 3 months after graduating, so sub 30 is definitely achievable, especially if you are doing 10ks now.

  • Thank you! My first 5K was 35:24, seven weeks ago, so I'm pleased with the improvement, and I'm confident I'll break that 30 minute mark within the next couple of months.

  • That's fabulous progress, well done you, you'll be nailing that sub 30 minute 5k very soon :)

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