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not been on for a while

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hey guys,

I joined a while back and got to week 2 and then got injured, so had to stop for 6 weeks, now started c25k again and I finished w5 r2, now I'm absolutely s******g myself for Fridays run of w5 r3 for 20 minutes, just wondered if anyone had any advice?

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Keep calm, believe in yourself, trust the plan. And above all else, go SLOW!

For me, breaking it down into chunks of five minutes meant it was manageable (on my third attempt, for assorted reasons!). Takes me about 8 mins to settle into running, so up to 10 mins was OK. 10-15 mins felt pretty good too, and the last five minutes was down to sheer stubbornness - I'd got this far and I wasn't about to be beaten by my mind as long as my legs could still move!

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Clean pants? no seriously it's a bigger mental challenge than it is a physical one, don't try to go to quick and keep an even pace. Good Luck.

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love it, that might be the best advice ever :)

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Because there are 2 runs of 8 minutes in W5R2, run 3 is only 4 minutes extra in total than the previous run. It is a big jump, don't get me wrong, but considering you've already stepped up from running 9 minutes total in week 3 to a total of 16 minutes in week 4, it's very do-able!

Go slow and steady - if you feel like you need to stop just slow down a bit more. Once you hit 10 minutes remember from that point you are counting down, not up. Use any tactics you've learned in the last 5 weeks to keep those gremlins at bay. You can do it!

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Hi , all the previous runs have laid the foundations for this one , but yes it is as much a mental challenge as a physical one.

Take it slow, cut it down into 5 minute chunks in your head , it is do-able .

Slow, steady, believe .... :-) xxx

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Slow slow and slower; you can always pick up the pace towards the end if you wish. Once you get to the 10 min mark you will realise that you are going to do it!!

Good luck for Friday and let us know how you get on X

Hello! We are at the same place and also both had injury time off - I have 5- 3 on Friday too, and we can and we will,do it. !!

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ahh good luck to you, we made it this far and we will not back down!! let me know how you get on x

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how did you get on? x

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I did it!! So chuffed with myself!! Thanks for asking!

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yay well done you, i can completely relate right now, how are you feeling about next weeks runs? x

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I haven't looked at them yet !! Too busy drinking wine and chanting that I ran for twenty minutes!!! How about you ?? What's your thought?

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Yup, dreaded that run but took it slow and kept telling myself just to try to keep going. You will find the first few minutes the hardest, then you'll hit your rhythm and just listen to Laura's tips along the way really helps!

Then get ready to the greatest feeling of achievement, you will walk home on such a high!


you're not wrong there, i took it steady, listened to my body when i needed to slow down a bit and i did it and got a few funny looks as to why i was grinning from ear to ear!! x

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