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Been a while! (Darn ice!)

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Today was an exciting day! It had been a while since my last run due to the crazy weather! I wanted to run regardless but when I went out with my dog I found the snow was far too deep and where it wasn’t we were skidding all over the place on the ice so I decided it’d be best to wait to avoid injury! I kept my legs busy though! Did a long walk each day and cycled between 10-15K on my exercise bike each night so I didn’t go back to couch life! 😂I thought today’s run would be really hard given that it was the longest I’d gone without running. But I surprised myself! My legs were on autopilot more than ever before and my pace was probably the most consistent it has been so far so that felt good! :)

Couchphoenix recently recommended the Nike Run Club app to me :) I enjoyed the C25K podcasts as I really like having that voice in my ear to keep me updated on where I am in the run and offer me some motivation, but I was getting a bit bored of W9R3! The Nike Run Club app did not let me down! I got to listen to my own music while listening to a lovely upbeat chap named Coach Bennett giving me advice and things to think about. He’s a pretty cheesy dude but I love that! It’s exactly what I need to keep me positive and motivated :) it also maps your run and gives you a breakdown of your distance and speed etc at the end which is pretty cool! I’d definitely recommend it :) and thanks to Couchphoenix for recommending it to me! :D

Happy running everyone!

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It's great those free runs after graduation HexGirl and you've found a natural pace that suits you 🙂

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HexGirlGraduate in reply to Imc50

I’m really enjoying it! :D

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I’m with you on avoiding ice! Missing the odd week isn’t going to make any difference beyond a week or so, getting injured will. Good move keeping active in other ways!

Easing back for a week or so does lead to speeding up. That’s why training plans for races have an easy week leading up to the event (say’s he, who’s never run in a race)!

Enjoy your running!

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HexGirlGraduate in reply to SkiMonday

That was my logic exactly!

No way! I didn’t know that :) you learn something new everyday :) thank you! :)

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😁😁😁 Thanks for the mention HexGirl so glad to hear you’re enjoying the NRC app, Coach Bennett is a bit cheesy but he’s good company and makes the run much more enjoyable, Happy Running to you too 👍

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HexGirlGraduate in reply to Couchphoenix

No problem! It was great recommendation! :) he’s fab! I feel like he’s my friend you know? Super motivating! :) thank you! :)

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CouchphoenixGraduate in reply to HexGirl

Yeah I know what you mean, I do like his enthusiasm, glad you like it. The Mo Farrah one is interesting, it’s more of an interview type one, it’s good though.

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HexGirlGraduate in reply to Couchphoenix

Another one to check out!

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Really pleased your doing well 👍 I mite try that app when I finish c25k

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HexGirlGraduate in reply to CI578

Thank you! :) it’s definitely worth a bash! There are loads of different runs to choose from as well so you’re bound to find one that suits you :) you’re so close to the end now! :) good luck!!

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CI578Graduate in reply to HexGirl

Thank you 😊

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