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C25K Meet Up - Its been a while

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Well I am assuming there is still some passing interest in our meet up in September?

As it appears we may be on the verge of creating a monster does anyone have any experience in crowd control or just how to deal with a few dozen people all turning up at the same place?

What do we all fancy doing?

If there were only four going to turn up it would be easy-peasy!

I'll let this run a few days then do another round up.

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I'm still up for it (as long as all you speedy peeps happy to wait for me at the end).

I think we shoud do the run and then have a picnic so we can all get to know each other etc.

No experience in the organisation front for this kind of thing but happy to help. As I'll be driving happy to bring heavier things...like big bottles of water etc etc.

andystev profile image

Happy to help out with organisation Greg, just yell.

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It goes without saying; I'll be there (and help, I will message) Run, walk, with Laura on a loud speaker/megaphone (live!?!) Then have a picnic sounds like a sensible/fun idea :)

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didntrunthatGraduate in reply to TJFlute

At a quick glance I thought you were offering massages!

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I'll be driving so can lug stuff/pick up people from East Croydon station. I have my company mag running an article about C25K in July and I'm hoping to get some support from them.

Are we still up for LLoyd Park in Croydon? The only potential downside is the parking but I will check if you can stay for longer than 3 hours if you pay. Also its if OK to barbecue.



I will check if anything is going on the the park in September just in case we turn in the middle of a festival or something :)

I think that there are a few people at work that run with the two running clubs based at Lloyd so might approach them too if everyone thinks thats a good idea?

Maybe if there is someone in the area (or some brave volunteers from further afield) they could do a parkrun just to an idea of the course?

I am dead slow so happy to run sweep collecting the back markers.

Given that the original idea was for everyone on on C25K to join in, we would need to think about the logistics of Wk 1 through to grads running together. Might get a bit hectic with people stopping at different points or maybe run what you can then walk the rest of the 5k. Perhaps a few volunteering stints at parkruns might be good training.

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Whilst you are checkingout the park I notice they have a "pavillion" you can hire.

Might be worth checking that out for price and availabiity! Its a wet weather alternative :-D

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Say whaaat?! You guys are planning a meet up at Lloyd Park in Croydon? that's a 5 minute (warm-up) walk from my house! I'd be up for joining in :)

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Greg_MGraduate in reply to mrqwest

More the merrier, come on down!

I do believe we have found our wet weather plan B! All round to mrqwest's house!


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Yes, I'm still on for the get together.

AliB1 I will be with you at the back. I am going on a 2 week med cruise in August so will be unfit and fat (well fatter...!!).

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AliB1Graduate in reply to BTX4

I'm off to the south of france in august.....so plenty of french bread, cheese and wine to undo all my good work lol although do plan to take my trainers

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Greg_MGraduate in reply to AliB1

You are going to have the BEST picnic!

AliB1 profile image
AliB1Graduate in reply to Greg_M

although as will have the car may have to leave the wine at home lol

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It was probably a bit far for me to come anyway but my OH has gone and booked a surprised holiday (how dare he!) over that weekend so defiantly can't come now. I hope you all have a great time and remember to snap some photos for the ones missing out :D

Im interested to do this, did you already make a date? I cant find it...sorry! It would be great if we had T-shirts by then

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Greg_MGraduate in reply to cupcakesandstilettos

sorry Sunday 9th September 2012 I meant of course!

Hi Greg, Thanks for organising. I'd love to join in - looking forward to it will take the pain away from starting the new school year!!

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I'm thinking about it! I really want to come but live in Leeds and it's miles away!!!!

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