Hello all, have just signed up and downloaded this app, am very nervous of looking daft as I'm over weight ☹️ But scarily looking forward to getting out and doing this to help me get motivated and aid my weight loss. Did a little jog this morning and that is how I came about finding this app I googled jogging for beginners as I have never jogged before and wanted some tips n help. Will keep popping in here to get some extra motivation from what I have read already looks like I'm on the right path.!😊


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  • Welcome you so are on the right path. Don't worry about what others think as you are doing this for you. I myself am overweight too and at first thought about the same thing. Now 1 1/2 stone lighter (5 stone still to go) and physically and mentally much stronger I really don't think about it. Keep going. 😀

  • Hi Linda456 and welcome to this lovely group! You'll find good, kind support from the people on here. I previously did the plan and reached the stage of doing between 6 - 10K every other day. Felt FAN bloody TASTIC! Kept my blood sugars and appetite well down. It was great. Then I injured myeself. After almost 2 years of therapy I am, today, starting again. From scratch, from the very beginning, very gently, very slowly. :)

    I recall many beginners commenting that their running could hardly be called running, and the slow sections felt more like they were going backwards! I do admit that today I did feel a bit of a fraud getting dressed up in my lycra top and dawdling round the outskirts of town. Got some very funny looks up and down in shop buying a very healthy lunch on the way home. I am now about 10kg overweight so I do not look good. But I am care FREE. I just do not care. It felt so liberating being outside in the lovely countryside in Wharfedale, in the sunshine and wind just enjoying being outside again!

    The best advice when I started was Slow and Steady. Don't rush at it and you'll be fine.

    WELL DONE YOU for getting started! I promise that you'll soon start to feel and see great results! Good luck to you on your journey!

    Happy running! :) :) :)

  • Thank you for the encouragement and wish you well with your new start too.😊

  • Well done for taking the first step! The C25k programme is brilliant, following it is one of the best decisions you'll ever make so stick at it and you'll continue to surprise yourself. So many people here started off like you - worried and self conscious but you will end up proud, confident and most importantly addicted to running! Go slow, stretch, take your rest days and you'll be a runner before you know it!

    The forum is one of the best places on the internet. It's full of incredible, inspirational people so do make use of it for advice, encouragement and to let everyone celebrate your successes with you! Post after your runs and let us know how you're getting on. We'll be with you every step of the way :)

  • Thank you & I will post after my run.☺️

  • Welcome aboard Linda !

    Yes most of us started off exactly where you are now, we all " get it " and we are all in this together .

    The programme and the lovely people on this forum are amazing, a life changer !

    Good Luck and just take it slowly , please keep posting , we will support you every step of the way !

    Enjoy it ! :-) xxx

  • Ty 😊

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