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Couch to 5K newbie, any advice appreciated :)

Hi, I'm new and wanted to introduce myself. I originally joined the British Lung Foundation community on here for advice for my husbands condition. When looking around I found the couch to 5K community so here I am. I've being thinking about running for a while but I was completely useless at school. I would like to take on this challenge to help raise more money for the BLF and to help me lose weight. Any advice would be great. Hello again :) and thanks.

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Hi - Why not suggest couch to 5k to your husband too - I did it by gradually extending walking time and distance and have since done a few 5'k's at the fastest walking pace I can muster - my last one was a 5k 'Santa Fun Run' in Plymouth last Xmas. I have severe COPD and am on oxygen. You could run - he could walk ... it's a great way of raising funds and a great way of gaining fitness and improving shortness of breath for your husband. I found having a goal to work towards kept me exercising regularly and it feels so good when I complete a 5k! I would be hard pressed to do one today as having just come out of winter I am at my least fit - but tomorrow I start my first short cliff path training walk ... and by summers end I will be easily able to complete a 5 or possibly 10k - at my own pace of course. Good luck with your - or your husbands - training :)

PS. Pic at bottom of page here is pre 'Santa Race' :


Hi thank you for replying. Your blog is very inspiring I think I'll use it to show my hubby what he is capable of too. He also has COPD and was diagnosed almost 2 years ago. He might need some persuading as he struggles just climbing the stairs and walking the dogs but I'm sure he can march along side with me while I jog. Thanks :)


It is a really good programme as you can just take it at your own pace, and never worry about how far you run or the speed you go at. At school we were made to finish every athletic running discipline from 100m to 1500m each summer term and I really hated this as no good at any distance, whereas loved playing hockey / netball / tennis etc, so have surprised myself at now years later enjoying this programme and running 5Ks.

Only word of warning is that in itself I am not sure that it helps reduce weight. I have definitely reduced in size but not convinced on the weight side.

Hope you can both enjoy it, and you will be proud when you make use of it for your fund raising.

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It does *help* reduce weight. What it doesn't do is reduce weight all by itself. I notice the difference in weight loss progress if I'm not running even though my running doesn't burn many calories per se.


What it does seem to do is turn flab into muscle: I haven't lost an ounce (quite the reverse) but I look thinner. Muscle is heavier than flab - so I keep telling myself.


Welcome to C25k. This forum can provide you with advice, support and inspiration in equal measure. Many of us had not run since school and now find ourselves capable of more than we could ever imagine when starting the training plan. It really does work and can change your life in so many ways. Just follow the plan and Laura's advice, repeating runs if you can't complete. Take it is not a race, but it will turn you into a runner. I also recommend stretching after each run and make sure you have your rest days. Any queries, just ask.

Good luck and keep posting.


This programme is really great so welcome and hope you make a start and enjoy it. You will find an abundance of support and encouragement on this site. Also you say that you would like to use running to raise money for BLF. That's a worthy goal and should help to keep you motivated. Many people who started the programme this year have already signed up for their first 5K events - that's how much confidence C25K gives you. Good luck for your first run and very best wishes.


Thank you all for the warm welcome and helpful insights to this challenge. I cant wait to get started :)


Good luck, don't wait to get started, just start! I promise you, you'll be pleased you did. Look forward to hearing how you've got on. :)


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