Hello all, I am so new my trainers are still in the box and have only seen the light when I lift the lid up, shut it then shake my head and think could this couch to 5k really be true? I am very overweight and I am going 7 miles out of my town to make sure no one I know will see me start this crazy hope that I have, that one day I will be able to run. So tomorrow is my first time ever to run apart from the age 12 and down and I am now 48 so lets hope tomorrow never comes is an understatement.


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  • Welcome @sounfititsnotreal you are in the right place for help and support. You really can do this just take it very, very slowly and before you know it that drive out of town will be no more πŸ˜€ You'll be running from home - oh yes you will. Check in here regularly and you won't go far wrong. Have you downloaded the c25k podcast?

    Look forward to seeing your progress reports.

    Good Luck

    Ps you will have to change your name soon.

  • It sounds trite, perhaps, but the first run is the hardest. Making the decision to go is a great step, though, and you have everyone here encouraging you on - we've all been there too! Remember it's a slow jog, not a flat-out run, and just do your best. You can do this!

  • Just take it slowly and you will be amazed at how the programme will help you to learn to run. Any one who has tried it knows how hard it is and if they see you they will be supporting you. Take it slow, slow and slow to begin with. Post and let us know how you get on.

  • We all start at the beginning...the trick to it all is to actually start in the first place. We've all been where you are; full of doubting and self consciousness... the doubting is still there for me if I'm honest, but I get out there, do it, push on and prove myself wrong. I'm now at the point where I don't care what people think I look like - I'm out running and doing it, so don't worry about what some people may, or may not be thinking! So, tomorrow, put on those trainers, perhaps just drive a couple of miles out your way (!) and do it. You'll be amazed at how quickly your body responds. Good luck and let us know how you get on! X

  • Just remember slowly, slowly and you will be fine. Looking forward to your post tomorrow that says you got through it. Also don't forget any of the runs can be repeated its not a race. Wishing you the very best, you're going to be feel amazing after your first run tomorrow.

  • Hello! Get those trainers out and have a go :-) I am also overweight, almost 50 and never thought I could do this...only on week 4 but really enjoying it. Everyones advice is brilliant - don't try and speed up when you run, go really really slow and you will do it. I am amazed at where I have got to and the people on this forum are amazing - let us all know how you got on - good luck!!!

  • Everyone who runs has started somewhere and I can guarantee that so many of us were like you when we started, self conscious, scared, hopeful but full of doubt. There is absolutely no need to feel that way at all but I'm sure you will soon realise that on your own :) Well done for beginning your journey - you won't regret it!! The programme is brilliant, just go slowly, stretch, listen to Laura and you'll be a proper runner in no time!

    The forum is great for advice, encouragement and motivation - you won't find a better group of people anywhere on the internet so make use of them to help you out along the way or to celebrate your success with your runs! Good luck! Hope you enjoy being a runner! :)

  • You can do this. You may feel shy about getting out there but do it for you. Good luck xx

  • 48 is really young to start c25k, so consider yourself a spring chicken. Lots of us took ourselves to distant woods etc to start the programme. Where is not important. Actually making a start is , so crack on. It's only like going for a walk, with a few very short slow jogs thrown in. Nothing to fret about. It's fun, so enjoy it 😊

  • Welcome to the club! Yes it is completely and utterly doable and a brilliant program.

    We all started like you; never in a million years did I ever think I'd be able to run and now I've graduated!

    Good Luck and let us know how you get on x

  • You can do it! You really can! the 1st run and getting out that door is hard but we'll worth it. Im coming up 46 and started 2 years ago and it really has widened my horizons..... We were all in the same boat at the start. Report back later I hope 😊

  • You can definitely do it. I've had 57 birthdays although I'm officially only 5 (my shoe sizeπŸ˜‡) And I have just finished week 4. When I started I needed to lose 4.5 stone and now only need to lose 3.5 stone. So you can get there too, this forum will help and support you all the way. Go for it πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • What everyone else says! Go for it. I'm 49 overweight and hadn't exercised since school. My running shoes also sat in the box for a few weeks till I plucked up the courage and felt so self conscious going out. It took me several goes to get through week one day one but I called it week 0 and built up the number of one minute running bits ( which are really very very slow jogs). I'm now in week 5 ( after a long break on the Injury couch and the restarting) and loving the programme, it's not a race to the finish so go at the pace that works for you. I'm repeating a run tonight as I don't feel ready to move on yet. Best of luck X

  • I felt exactly the same way as you! 3 stone overweight mid forties and terrified of the first run. I just completed week 3 this morning and trust me I never thought in a million years I would make it past run 1 on week 1. You'll be so surprised at what you can do. I wouldn't have been able to do it without the lovely Laura's podcasts, even though the music is diabolical. Remember it's a gentle jog (or plod in my case) and if I can do it, anyone can do it! Good luck sweetheart and keep us posted xxxx

  • Give it ago, take it as slow as you need to, repeat if necessary, post on here and YES this c25k thing really is true. Your only challenge is against yourself and you've taken the first step. Good luck!

  • A EVERYTHING you've read is true. Honestly. I didn't really believe it until last week (the end of week 5). The scariest part is starting and at 55, fat, unfit and desperately self conscious, I was terrified. Has anyone mentioned go slow? I didn't realise how slow I could go. Some jogs were almost marching on the spot for me! BUT, it does work. I've repeated some weeks, taken extra rest days and the support on here is what kept me going. You really can do this. You really, really can. Doesn't matter how fast or how long it takes. Everyone has been right where you are and will be right behind you cheering you on :)

  • Nothing to add really to what's already been said - be brave, put those shoes on and you WILL do it! And everyone here will clap and cheer you on the way!

  • You'll feel a sense of achievement the moment you start, be proud that you've got off that couch and are starting a new chapter, good luck!

  • Hey Sounfititsnotreal, it's my first one today also... From what everyone is saying all we need to do is trust Laura! She's got this! All the very best!

  • So did the shoes come out of the box yet?

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