It's time for the dreaded W5R3 tomorrow, I am excited and a wee bit nervous, my husband says nerves are good as I'll have a little bit of adrenalin pumping which should help. It's been great reading other people's experiences of this run. Any other advice/tips muchly appreciated as I keep thinking I won't be able to do it. Just want it to be over with!

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  • I was scared too - but when it came to it the programme proved itself. I'm not saying it was easy but it was no where near as difficult as I expected. Have faith in the programme and yourself.

  • Hi there 'yesyoucanREALLYdothis'!!! I'm starting W5 on Saturday and have read various horrors. I tend not to listen ahead so it sounds a bit of a leap forward. Go for it and report back so this doubting Thomas can get inspiration from you :-)

  • Truly, all the horrors are in our own heads. I was scared of it, so scared I repeated R2 just to put it off. At the time I called it "preparing" but it was really just putting it off. But when it came to it I did it. And so will you. And the feeling you get afterwards more than makes up for the pre-run nerves.. So go for it with confidence and enjoy!

  • I agree with Boudicca, you can do this! Every run prior to the dreaded 20 has prepared your body. Go for it! Looking forward to your update! :-)

  • I was apprehensive too - but as others have said, trust the programme (no, I didn't either!!) - you're ready. Pace yourself and plod through it. Good Luck

  • You'll be amazed the way you just get out there, settle into the run and do it. Nice and slow to start off and you'll be fine! Good luck!

  • You can do it!! Don't be afraid to slow down and run at a pace that is going to allow you to succeed if that is what you need. Now is the time to focus on endurance and stamina. Good luck.

  • Thank you ALL for your great comments, I will report back tomorrow, seems a huge leap from 8 mins of solid running to 20mins ...I am feeling inspired, motivated & ready for the next BUZZ I get from completing another week :)

  • Of course you can do it! It's surprisingly easy! Just take it slow and pace yourself. Good luck!

  • I've just got out of the shower and fired up the laptop after wk5 run2 and at the moment I can't wait for the 20 minutes, althought i'm sure by the time i get to it either Sunday night or Monday morning I may be thinking differently.

  • I felt the same as you. I did it, no problems. You just need to get through the first bit and settle into your pace and run, then it's great. Knackering, but great.

  • I did it on Wednesday - I was quite daunted by the prospect but got through it without stopping - just like Laura says if you've done all the previous runs. It's a wonderful achievement to get there - do you remember how tough week 1 was? We've all come so far in a short time. My tip: I found that counting the music tracks helped to estimate how much time was left in each 5 minute chunk. So the first 5 minutes will be before the end of the second track etc.

    I'll be out tomorrow morning (about 8am) doing week 6 run 1 - weather willing - I'll be thinking of you as well :-)

  • Best of luck with your run tomorrow, hope it all goes well and will let you all know how I get on, weather and blood suger levels willing!

  • Best of luck with W6R1, I will be thinking of you and sending positive thoughts, I need to occupy myself and look at scenery and remember my pace. Great to have sooooo much support, I find the blogs are brilliant and have come to realise that failing at this stage just isn't an option. I will and CAN do it!!! ;)

  • You will do it, for sure. As others have said, all the work you've done so far has been working towards this moment and, believe me, it is such a fantastic feeling when you do this. It's a big psychological step but your body is soooooo ready. Go do then come back and tell us all about it, can't wait for your update! :-D

  • Woo Hooooooo!!!!! Well done - you deserve to pamper yourself for the rest of the day! I got throu W6R1 too - thanks for the positive thoughts - it was chilly and quite windy today as well - definite trip to Aldi tomorrow and fingers crossed they have some jackets left.

    Quite a Buzz here now too - though my legs still don't know what hit them. It is true what they say about week 6 and going back to intervals - you have to pace yourself. Oh - and watch out for the music on the very last run... "It's Easy Now...." well, I beg to differ..... Have a great weekend - I won't be running again probably till Tuesday so I"m hoping an extra day off won't be a problem.

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