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I am considering running a half marathon at the end of October. I haven't run for two weeks and it will be a further two weeks until I can run again. This is because I am currently fasting during the Islamic month of Ramadan. So I need to know if 11 weeks is enough to train for a HM. I have already run 10km twice within an hour and I would want to run a HM in about two hours. So what are everyone's thoughts???

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  • I think it's doable, if you start from 10K and add 10% per week, then you'll soon be at 21K, also you don't have to get to 21K in training, 18K should enough to add 3K on the day.

    Good luck, I think you'll enjoy the longer distance, but try to keep increases at 10% otherwise your at greater risk of injury.

  • Thanks for the advice Phil. If I add 10% per week I should be able to get to HM distance 2 weeks before the event. I can then taper down just before the HM.

    I have looked at a few HM training plans online and most of them suggest running 4 times a week. I wonder if 3 runs will be sufficient because I would like to go to the gym twice a week to do core and upper body workouts. I will be able to fit in 3 runs and 2 gym sessions a week, but 4 runs might be difficult.

  • I only did 3 times (or even twice on some weeks) and I got round without having to walk. If I remember rightly your times for the shorter distances are quite fast so yo may be able to get round in 2 hours. My advice is set realistic target (tere are apps out there that help predict HM times based on 5/10k times)... Remember it's always going to be a PB!!!! Good luck

  • Thanks AliB1. That's a good way of looking at it.

  • With your determination and will power I would say you could do it. I'd suggest focusing on distance as apposed to the time though. As Phil says stick with the golden rule of adding 10% to avoid injury but you may need to drop your speed to give you the strength and stamina for the long haul. Remember you can always aim to run other 1/2M's faster once you have done your first one. Good luck with it Aftabs, nice to see you back on here, you'll soon be out and about again too. :)

  • Thanks for the advice! I have pencilled in my local ParkRun on 10/08 as my first run after Ramadan. I will make my decision in a few days time and will let everyone know.

  • I guess its about overall fitness too.. A month is a little while but you have built up considerably....As its you bionic man I think you can do it, and with Phil 72's advice and everyone else's you definately can....good luck with it!!!!

  • Thanks!

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