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Running naked!!!

Ha that got you!!

I set off on week 4 run 3, brisk walking listening to Laura. Then she stopped and started from the beginning again. I was nearly ready to start the first run! What to do,I couldn't fast forward to the right place??

I decided to start running and just listen to Laura but she was 5 mins behind. I knew roughly where I'd gotten to on the previous 2 runs, but pushed just a bit more. It felt so weird not doing what Laura said.

Hubby kept asking if I was Ok, "you're struggling aren't you" No it's just a bit windy and Laura's not in my ear!!

On the last 5 min run I knew exactly where I needed to get to, I pushed and went round the corner to the bus stop!! Can't believe how good it felt to go that bit further!!

I'm starting to feel like a "runner" I've just looked at what's happening next week - so exciting. By the end of the week I'll be running for 20, yes 20 Minutes. Never would have thought it.

Why didn't I do this years ago? It's so great for stress relief.

Can't wait for next week :-)

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It is exciting, isn't it! So glad it's working for you. There's probably a word for "over-dependence on Laura" - it's probably even a recognisable ailment!


You could be right!! First time without Laura unplanned was a bit of a surprise, really chuffed that I made it!!


Yep, next week you'll be running for 20 mins! That's the big one and by then most of us are hooked. It's great to see that you're already enjoying it so much!

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Hooray, well done! If you're this hooked, I'd say you're definitely a runner! :) Good luck for week 5, great that you're looking forward to it!


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