Tech tips please

I have a birthday coming up and hubby is going to buy me a fitness tracker or running watch but I'm overwhelmed by the selection and also lack of real detail out there.

Ideally I would like to control my music, monitor heart rate, steps etc and possibly sleep, monitor my runs, obviously! Getting a bit ahead of myself here but track speed and distance😀

I know many of you use various gadgets and apps and wondered if you could me some honest ideas and feedback. I use and iPhone, oh and you I'm rubbishy at remembering to charge stuff so needs reasonable battery life.

By the way I will officially be 5 again, my shoe size 😇


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13 Replies

  • I have a Fitbit Charge HR (and use an iPhone and MacBook) and I'd recommend it. I got one for my husband, rather tentatively (likes tech, does not like fitness) and have already seen an improvement in less than a month. I don't use mine for tracking - I use Runkeeper on my phone for that, but he's tried it for an hour long cycle ride. Does eat the battery a bit.

  • Your husband sounds like mine which is why he keen to buy me tech rather than join me on c25k !

  • Yup, my purple friend was from my husband in the first place.

    But you never know... my husband says the only thing worse than cross country running is cross country runners but he is going out for more walks now.

  • So is mine - don't think he wants to get left behind😀

  • I think the general consensus is that Garmin are the best but I suppose it depends what you most want from your watch. For a few different reasons I ended up with a tomtom runner2 cardio watch which I really love! It's quite bulky but I only use it for running so don't mind that. Big clear screen, once you work it out it's easy to use, integrated heart rate monitor so no need for a chest strap. It gives you the option to have a goal to run to (time/distance/calories) or you can set it for intervals, race mode which tells you if you're ahead or behind race pace, heart rate zone goals. I use my phone alongside it for my music.

    I would say look on the internet at the watches you like, prioritise what you want it to do and then when you find a few you like the look of, read some reviews which will give you the pros and cons of each watch and go from there. So much choice out there, it took me ages to decide! Good luck!

  • Thanks. I do keep looking at Garmin I must admit. Will check out yours too. Must admit I like the look of the Apple Watch but not the price.

  • Happy 5th on the Day!

    I have a Garmin Forerunner 10, which suits me fine, and maybe give yatesco a shout, he is so helpful. he advised me on a tech question, with loads of useful information. :)

  • Thanks. Is your forerunner 10 comfortable to wear or is it really chunky ?

  • It is chunky-ish, but very, very comfortable... I tend to go for a larger watch normally, but.... and I am looking at it now...( just fished it out of my 'Tech' drawer),,, it fits flat on the wrist very comfortably and is large enough so I don't have to squint at it.. but not so large that it looks like a computer on your arm!!!

    Any help?:)

  • Definitely. The downside of Internet shopping is judging things like size and I can't find any stockists near me so will have to buy online. So thank you. It does come in some funky colours too doesn't it.

  • It does... mine is black... but my running gear makes up for that! :) Hope you find what you want anyway.. :)

  • When I do I will post what I chose. Thanks for all your feedback

  • Have just tried out Runkeeper on my morning dog walk and I quite like it. It has linked nicely with my Fitbit too so is looking like a strong contender combined with the Fitbit Charge HR. Like the lovely screen protector sleeves you can get for it too! Very girly I know 😀

    Better still it looks like I have inspired, his words not mine, my hubby to try c25k. A friend is lending a treadmill and he's cleared space in his garage ready so watch this space 😀😀

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