Cadence and please!?

Hi all

I have been having knee problems which turned out to be back problems, so my physio looked at my gait (whole body). I was basically running with too slow a cadence and swinging my hips too much as a result. So.....she has me using a metronome and running intervals and only short distances to start, up to 3k. (Plus core exercises).

The thing is, I'm now SO SLOW! I'm knackered too, and it's somewhat disheartening! Has anyone else experienced this? I suppose I'm relearning to run but I'm wondering if I'll get back to speed? And if so, how long it's likely to take?

It should, theoretically be more efficient and I should be faster but it certainly isn't at the moment, but if I want to keep running this is the only way forward that I can see (I could barely walk after some of my runs before).

Will I just have to accept that I'm slower now or do you think things will improve? :/


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  • A fellow at work went through the same thing. He said it exhausted him at first but now he's faster than ever. Haven't tried it myself but he swears by the upped cadence (for his flat feet).

  • Thank you! That's so encouraging to me :) just what I needed!

    To know that it has actually worked for someone, and they had the same reaction initially is really useful.

  • I'm sure you will get better, it's just that you are having to re-learn your running style - and that has to be hard. My daughter was getting ankle pain and was also told to increase her cadence which she is finding difficult.

    What cadence are you working up to?

  • She said the ideal cadence is 180 pbm and I as doing about 155. She had me start at 170 and work up from there and started me by getting me to trot on the spot with light little steps.

    It certainly feels different!

    I hope your daughter's ankle feels better for it.

  • I am trying to up my cadence as well because I have heard good reports from doing so. I can imagine it feels tough at the moment but your still able to get out there. Can you imagine how you would of felt if they had said no more running? I am sure we will be seeing a post in future that says how happy you are with a new PB and all this will be forgotten. Happy running (you will find the fun again).

  • Thanks. Let's hope I end up flying!....well, sort of :)

  • I think increasing your cadence from 155 to the 180 she suggests is going to make you faster once you're in the habit. But sure, while things are new it's going to feel awkward and slow and uncomfortable, but you'll get there soon enough, and then it's going to make a big difference. Just imagine - faster AND without pain. That's a jolly good carrot and no stick :)

  • Ha, very true...when you put it that way it sounds more like cake over a carrot!

  • Yes I do! I'm 57 and my running is improving all the time, which has quite surprised me I must say. I did though have a spell where I seemed to be getting slower, almost as if things were going backwards for me. Temporary blip though and I stuck with it and things have been good. I think it's a matter of gaining strength as you progress through your runs. I do Jillian Michaels fitness DVD's at home and I think they have helped a lot as I'm much stronger and fitter as a result

    If you do some swimming, walking, cycling etc it's all good for building up your fitness

    Good luck

  • I also meant to say too that your running does seem smoother, and you become more fleet of foot as you get fitter. I've also lost some more weight too which I think has also helped.

    It's not particularly a fast process though, not in my case as I'm older, but you might have quicker results. You have to be patient. Rome wasn't built in a day

  • I have noticed that my feet are a lot quieter. I didn't realise how much noise they were making before (or maybe that was just the clown shoes I was wearing lol).

    Thanks for the encouragement :)

  • I find this running style / cadence stuff quiet interesting... perhaps in hope that it would make an old man go faster or further :-) Worth reading up on some of the info regarding Chi or Pose running styles or some of the running tips from Jeff Galloway.. watched some interesting "shuffling" and cadence YouTube videos recently.

  • Thanks for the tip, I'll take a look.

  • I'm working on increasing cadence too and it is a mental thing as I have to really think about a quicker turnover. Like you I found it tiring but I've kept at it and its definitely working as my cadence is increasing. One tip I read in a running magazine was to imagine you're running on a cloud and you'll fall through if your foot stays on the ground too long!

    Bazza and TurboTortoise each posted about cadence and they mentioned some great tips. Just search and you should find them. Keep at it. It's definitely the way to go to minimise injury.

  • Thank you :)

    I'll look those posts up.

    (For me, I think 'gazelle'!! Maybe I'll try gazelle on a cloud :) )

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