Post-running bliss

I can't tell you how great I feel! My brain is floating in a sea of endorphin :-)

I just returned from my weekly social run - only the really determined runners were there - most stayed at home as the rain was pouring down (great to be part of the hard, inner core :-) ).

We started with a gentle warm up and then the long distance runners went their way. The rest of us - the beginners (only three of us today) - did a bit of running technique and then moved on to intervals.

I gave it my all - ran as fast as I could, sprinted, raced the others, laughed, panted, puffed, beetroot-faced, steaming up.

I love, love, love it. Running just fills me with an inner calmness and happiness. Why did I live half my life without knowing about the existence of this happiness drug?


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11 Replies

  • It's great reading your enthusiasm and joy as you discover your running journey :-).

    Would you mind sharing the running form drills?

  • Thanks Yatesco.

    The running technique introduced to us today was about leaning forward a bit all the way from the ankles, and at the same time picking up the heels quite a bit. It felt awkward, but it was fun, and our really amazing trainer insists that it will increase our posture and speed to run like that. Slouching or leaning from the waist, is supposedly a common problem for many runners who have heard that they should lean forward, but who lean from the waist.

    I feel that a slight forward lean from the ankles happens naturally, but the picking up of my heels feels very strange. It made me go faster but it also cost me a lot of energy.

    Is that what you were asking? I'm not sure what you mean by "running form drills" (I'm Danish, remember :-) )

  • Exactly this. Thanks - always on the lookout for tips :-).

  • Interesting, I found the slight leaning forward from the feet, helped me, ( found by accident not by advice) particularly when running up hill???

  • I think the leaning forward from the ankles works both in flat terrain and up hill.

    When we were going up hill my trainer also suggested I pick up my knees a bit more than what was natural to me, and that really, really worked well!

  • You are a real runner if you go out in pouring rain :-)

  • Simply wonderful. What a great time you are having and what a super example to all our new friends....:) Such an interesting post, thanks youx

  • It's nuts, isn't it? I know exactly what you mean about the inner calm & happiness. But you've found it now and that's the good bit😊

  • I have heard of 'runners high' but Tuesday night was my first first-hand experience with it. Beautiful!

  • Oh Iben, I am so pleased for you ! It sounds like you've found your perfect running place , and you sound so happy !

    Long may it continue ! :-) xxx

  • Yes, definitely found something that works for me. Running with others make me work much harder that I would have been able to convince myself to do, plus we laugh, advice, support and encourage each other. We are all sizes and shapes and ages and come from very different backgrounds, I think - the thing we have in common is a love for running, and that brings us together in much the same manner as here in HealthUnlocked.

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