Social running or Lone Ranger?

Social running or Lone Ranger?

I did C25K on my own and really love the solitude of getting out and about. However, I graduated with a parkrun and the people there (volunteers and runners) were so lovely and I loved it. Returned to lone running but going to attend a running club next week for Improvers, hope I like it because I do want to be with others. How about you, what's ur experience so far? Julie 😊


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  • I think my favourite is running with a gang of close friends, or my parents' dog. Other than that, I'm a solitary sort. And when I've raced so far, I am awful at being social - I get all focused and wrapped up in what I'm doing (and who I'm overtaking).

  • I see photos of crowds at a marathon and it just doesn't look like fun to me, I like people, just in smaller numbers!! 😊

  • I'm a lone runner but also a club member I generally don't get on club runs other than supporting some of the beginners courses we do. I love both running alone cause that's me time and I listen to zombiesrun but group runs are good as well and a great way to push your boundaries

  • I enjoy both. In terms of group running, I've only done Parkruns. I didn't really talk to anyone (too shy!) apart from my friend, beyond saying thanks to the volunteers, and I don't like the idea of talking when I'm running. But I love the community atmosphere. Solo running gives me an escape from "real life" and a chance to see my surroundings/countryside better :)

  • AAHH!! - but this is where you might be going wrong!! :) Talking while running is the very best thing that you can do - not quite as good for you as singing, but plentiful gasbagging while running is what we ALL need to do as much as possible. In fact, dare I say that we are not really "competent" runners UNTIL we can run and gasbag at the same time.

  • Haha, Bazza :) but wasn't it you who advised me a couple of weeks ago if I breathe rhythmically it may help prevent me getting a stitch? I can't do both!! 😜

  • That does seem like a bit of a contradiction - but it isn't really. Being ABLE to run at a conversational pace and actually doing it is the HOLY GRAIL. But it is difficult for beginners or may- not-be-very-cardio fit people to reach. Rhythmic breathing is , for me , the way to go - to improve breathing when running at all paces, slow and fast . It is only a long time after the breathing "problem" is solved and a good level of cardio fitness is attained that running at a conversational pace is able to be done! :)

  • For me, lone running is the best! As a busy working mum who never gets a break, I just love getting out there on my own. Having said that, I do like to run with my 15 yr old son and I am planning on trying Parkrun soon - so I have my occassional moments of sociability!!!

  • I like both. Parkrun and organized runs are great fun, and competitive, even if I rarely chat to anyone. I'm not good in crowds or with strangers. While lone training runs are a time to think of nothing and escape the stress of work, and

  • For years I ran by myself, though I ran in races and at parkrun, I did so in my own little bubble for the most part. A few weeks ago I finally joined the local running club and it's the very best thing I did - it's great to run with others, my pace is improving, it's fun to chat with other like minded people and it's useful having a coach giving some useful hints and tips - best thing I've done in a while.

  • My running group starts at Shake Shack alternate Tuesdays now :( When I started going I'd just cycle to the Olympic Park and we'd start there every week, but now there's this faff of meeting at the Westfield shopping centre and getting offered free milkshakes and chips. So I got put off, then lost track which Tuesdays were normal Olympic Park days, maybe I'm better off as a lone ranger anyway. But am on the lookout for a new running group with a more straightforward schedule... I think social running has its place as long as it fits in with how you personally want to do your running.

  • I started and completed C25K as a solo runner. Since then, I've joined a running club. I now enjoy both running solo and as part of a group. A lot of my running is still solo early morning jaunts. At parkrun, and in a race I'm usually solo though in a crowd - I concentrate on me. I might smile and acknowledge another runner during an event but I'll not start chatting until after I've finished.

    On a group run with the running club I'm different and will chat along the way (if I'm not totally out of puff, that is). It's a different style of running. I also like the way that fellow club members will cheer you on during an event. There's a certain form of camaraderie about being yelled on by someone in the same club colours. If I see a purple and green (club colours) spectator ahead it gives me a boost.

    Try a club. I think you'll enjoy it. To me, solo running and club running are complementary activities. One adds to the other.

  • I used to prefer lone running and my first experience of a running club didn't go well. However, having met another C25Ker at parkrun and followed her recommendations for an alternative running club I have found I really enjoy running in a group.

  • I did C25K in the back of beyond where I never saw another runner. On my return to UK I went to my first PR where there were something like 450 runners - a HUGE shock...I've done one other PR with the lovely Madge, and a fun run, but generally I'm happier on my own. Bit anti-social me!

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