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Fighting the gremlins


Feeling back on track after that terrible run on Saturday. Went out this morning. No sun, so no shadow to laugh at for a start! Went much slower, much better. Even though chunky people (not as chunky as me) were overtaking with slow walking. I thought I would go back to Week 8 but somehow I ended up listening to Week 9 and suddenly Laura said well done you've done 15 minutes which is when I realised. I had a couple of little stops to catch my breath but I think these were more psychological than physical needs, and I managed the 30 minutes shuffling along. I won't count it as Run 2 though because of the stops. Running outside is WAY HARDER still and my legs are dead. But I am now looking forward to the challenge of getting better at it. For about 10 seconds I actually enjoyed it. The view was amazing! Brighton is a great place to run, no one cares what you look like. As I shuffled past a man in a mini skirt and a fur coat this morning who was clearly very comfortable with himself, I realised this!

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Ah! Cairokitten, so pleased it's going better - you sounded so despondent before and now you are on the cusp of graduation!

As you get used to the great outdoors you'll find each run gets better!


Well done! Was at Worthing yesterday, I fancy doing the Parkrun along the front there....

CairokittenGraduate in reply to davelinks

Yeah there's one in Hove as well but I am not sure I'm ready for a park run yet. Baby steps ...

davelinksGraduate in reply to Cairokitten

And Hastings... I did my first Parkrun at w6, just jogged & walked....with what I felt comfy with...have now done 19 Parkrun's


Well done for getting back out there and doing the 30 minutes. What an amazing place to run! I used to live in Brighton when I was at uni and you are so right - there is no such thing as standing out in Brighton!!

Once you get used to the differences I'm sure you will enjoy it. Keep going - graduation is in sight!!


So pleased you are more upbeat now and back out there. Keep going!

I have been wondering how you were doing and so pleased to see this update. Well done you. Keep running.....


It is so nice to know that people are thinking about me and wishing me well :) If it wasn't for you lot I probably would have given up after Saturday. THANKS A MILLION!


Well done I was only thinking about you thismornin


Oh that's brilliant news, well done.

And thank you for posting about the mini skirt/fur coat chap!


Well done! Great to read of this success and of course your encounters on the way!


Wow, lovely place to run, glad you got your mojo back x

Ah well done for getting back out there, so glad this one was a little easier, you'll be flying through your graduation run 😀


I am finding the gremlins are strong week 8 and beginning week 9- but you can beat them! Keep going :)

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