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The gremlins got me but now I'm back.

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So my last (and first) post was on completion of the big 20 mins - w5 r3. I then went on to w6r1 and like many on here couldn't believe how hard it was. W6 r2 was done on holiday, on a beach in Italy. It was a dream of mine to run on a beach but on this occasion the reality did not quite live up to expectations - we had to drive 40 mins to get to beach, there was no loo, the terrain was unfamiliar and the coastline windy and unpredictable. I managed to complete the run but it felt like a marathon and I was going about as slowly as it is possible to go and still be technically running. I then fell off the wagon and didn't run again on holiday nor once I got back. By this time the thought of w6 r3 (25 mins) was beginning to feel impossible. A week and a half went by and I decided to try w6 r3 but with the option of stopping at 20 minutes. Of course once I got going I realised that I could still do it and no way was I going to stop and I even managed to go slightly faster (from snail to tortoise) in the last minute as suggested by Laura. Come on week 7!

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You've done good! Keep going runner🏃🏻‍♀️😀🏃🏻

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Way to go for getting back on the wagon! I'm just about to start W3R1 myself and I'm terrified, but I've just bought some running headphones (not headphones that run, just headphones for running) and signed up for Race for Life (5k) in July, so I'm committed! Maybe I'll see you there eh? :)

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NervousnewbieGraduate in reply to resolution

I like the idea of headphones that run...😀. I remember the terror of week 3. Felt like such a big jump up but trust in the programme and yourself. I might indeed see you at Race for Life - my friend has signed me up for one....though I don't think she understands just how slowly I run.

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resolutionGraduate in reply to Nervousnewbie

I'm really slow too, I saw someone use the term 'waddling' in another post and that immediately resonated! But! Waddling is better than walking, and eventually we'll go beyond waddling to trotting and maybe eventually we can actually run!

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Very true!

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Yay, well done!

I always found running on sand difficult (when I ran ages ago)! Was it wet compacted sand or dry and loose? No wonder you struggled on the beach.

Good on you for getting back at it and well done :)

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NervousnewbieGraduate in reply to 50up

Thank you for the encouraging words. 🙂. The beach was very varied in terrain and was very wiggly so you couldn't see what was coming next. Still it's one thing ticked off my bucket list.....

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