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1st Post at Last

Well getting of the couch was easier than writing my first post but this morning I did the first run of week 5. I had forgotten how early 5 am is but needs must as I have to finish in time for work. I gave up running in the evening after the period of humid weather we had the other week. Reading the other posts certainly inspired me to get going on this journey and I have a target to finish by which will be two days before my 54th birthday in August.

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And what a birthday gift that will be !!! :)

I graduated the week before Christmas.. that was my gift to myself!!!

I love the morning runs, but then, I do not have to work afterwards.. I am ancient!!! The mornings are so quiet and it gives me time to think.. my rambling posts bear witness to that!!!

Very, very well done you... onward and upward! :)


Well done! Running on summer mornings is one of life's pleasures and sets you up for the day!


The early rising is a by product of serving the queen for 25 years and I can't get out of the habit so might as well put it to good use. All set for cheesy music and squinting into the sun on Wednesday.


Oh well done, you can imagine you are running for Her Maj!

I never get up early to run so I take my hat off to you. I have done it once or twice when needed and I have to say I loved to see the sun come up. Wonderfully uplifting, I felt like I had conquered Everest or summat

So, keep plugging away Man of Kent, and your birthday gift is going to be gift wrapped and presented to you here in 9 weeks. Go nice and steady, slowly is the best way to go. Hold that thought!

Good luck


Well done for making it to week 5! Running at 5am too, that's real dedication! Good luck for your runs this week, keep us posted.


Well done for getting this far in the programme and Welcome aboard !

I so admire folks that get up really early to run, I just cant seem to get myself organized at all, it takes me enough time in the evenings after work to sort myself out ha ha , so Well done for that !

This will probably the best gift ever that you can give yourself, keep going, youre doing great ! :-) xxx


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