Beetroot face, straggly windswept hair and sweaty lycra, tick. Today's run - a tale of too many hills

Beetroot face, straggly windswept hair and sweaty lycra, tick. Today's run - a tale of too many hills

I did what I've been planning to do for a long time, went into the Grunewald forest, ran around the lake and further to where this pic was taken, the Havelchausee which looks like a lake but is actually an arm of the Havel river. It was pretty darn tough being a lot hillier than what I am used to so became my first real run-walk. I ran some hills and walked a lot of others, had a break at this little beach and paddled a bit which the feet loved.

On the way back I followed (!) an octogenarian club of Nordic walkers who gave me an encouraging cheer when I eventually overtook them running uphill. In all it was about 3 hours but I couldn't say how much of it I ran. Am sure the uphill walks were great training for my legs, the sun shone, folk were friendly, air was fresh. Beats the couch any day (although I am there right now!).

Got told off by an elderly gent for walking up the final steep incline. He said, c'mon run! I'm 93 and if I can run up it so can you! I told him he'd had more practice. Hat off to him,running up that hill at 93 and still enough breath left for a bit of cheek! :)


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18 Replies

  • 93!!! Have years of running ahead of me then. Sounds like a lovely day.

  • I know, isn't it amazing?! I thought the nordic walkers were impressive, moving up that hill at quite a pace. They told me they meet up 4 x week to walk in the forest, all year round unless it is icy and Iwas quite impressed by that, then I met the 93 year old! It was great. I am going to do it more often at the weekends but although I took a small bottle of water, I could have done with 2 and a sandwich or something but I don't know how to comfortably transport all that.

  • I know it is difficult, I am doing longer distances now and take a little bottle of water I can carry and shove haribo jelly men in a little pocket, When I rule the world all running clothes will have to have pockets in them.

  • Yes!!! Why no pockets? Just why? Makes no sense.

  • What a lovely post.. and a beautiful run. It sounds wonderful! Hills and lakes and the ancient ones showing us how to do it!!! 93 years old... blimey! :)

    What a way to spend a Sunday..:) Well done youx

  • I think I'll go a bit further afield more often, be braver, have some adventures.

  • It looks really warm, but you look so fresh. Sounds like a fun run - hope I'm still running at 93!

  • I wasn't feeling very fresh at that stage but I'd finally reached my destination so was chuffed about that. That man was amazing. I don't think I'll,be around at 93 but who knows? If I am, I hope I'll be at least reasonably independent still. Would be fab if we are all runners into our 80s and 90s!

  • It would...I will be there before I can let you know what it is like☺

  • That's one very anaemic beetroot - you are a delicate shade of pink with a slight glow. Sounds like a great run!

  • I'm in the shade in that pic though so might have been more intensive in the flesh.

  • You are glowing - a great advert for running I'd say🙂! Well done, that sounds like a lovelye run. Weather looks gorgeous too🙂

  • Thanks Sandra, it was a run-walk more than a proper run but I had a great day out and feel good for it. It is all grist to the runner's mill :)

  • Aw this is such a lovely post ! You look amazing too :-)

    What a lovely story. 93 years old, thats just so brilliant . I nearly got overtaken by a convoy of elderly people on mobility scooters on my run today. There were 3 of them all behind each other .

    That sounds and looks a gorgeous place to run. Lucky you and Well done on your run today xxx

  • Thanks Poppy. Berlin is surprisingly green for a European capital I feel. Lots of lakes and forest. The convoy sounds great. Safety in numbers I think. Hopefully this wasn't on your way to the M56

  • Ha ha ! No Bop, that was on the way to Aldi :-) xxx

  • What a great picture- you look amazing ! Such an inspiration hearing about that 93 year old too. Brilliant way to spend your Sunday - I'm thinking I need to try some new routes too ! 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  • Do Indi, sometimes we just get into a rut, same old routes, same type of run and it is good to do something a bit different.

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