Yeahhh today at 7.00am I became a graduate of 5K officially.

From week 8 I was finding this quite difficult and to be honest 30 minutes is still knackering BUT no one said it was going to be easy and for me I CAN RUN (PLOD) FOR 30 MINUTES WITHOUT STOPPING!!!

I had to do 4 runs in week 9 as on run 2 my legs just stopped working at 26 minutes, it was really strange as the brain was not telling the legs to stop (not that I was aware of), just suddenly I had stopped and could not get restarted.

Anyway that's all old history and now I look forward to running what distance/length of time I feel I can achieve / enjoy on the day.

Thank you all to this fab forum, this has been the best part of the programme!

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  • Congratulatons. Go you !!!

  • Me too! Well done. Next challenge is to keep it up!

  • Thank you both and well done to you 0505k, hope your riding your high today (:-)

    Apologies for the quality of the smiley face but I cannot for the life of me work our how to do them!

  • Yeah many congratulations I am stood here in my running kit contemplating the same run but my oh my it's windy

  • Go for it, you will feel sooooo chuffed at the end - enjoy xx

  • Congrats!!!! ๐Ÿ‘

  • Brilliant deb, really well done!

    The hardest question now is what is your graduation present/post run plan?

  • Thank you yatesco, my immediate plan is to go on holiday tomorrow and not do anything apart from eat and relax (yeah) but going forward for me I will have to keep doing the 30 mins plod as I found this quite taxing and want to be able to get this under my belt.

    After that it is on to a 5k park run. I have already signed up for it, just to need to find a free Saturday.

    Onwards and upwards, one thing I do know is I am not ready to give this up yet!!!

  • Absolutely fantastic Deb !

    Many Congratulations to you on your Graduation , a fantastic achievement !

    Have a fab holiday, you could always pack your running gear just in case ;-) xxx

  • Thank you Poppypug, I did think about packing running gear but only have 10 kilos luggage allowance ........ and running gear is sooooo heavy!!

  • Well done!! It's a great achievement! Just look at that shiny graduate badge!!

  • Oh, great news! And well done for not being fazed about the run that didn't quite work, and just getting out there and nailing it. :)

  • Very well done, and it's a great feeling isn't it, terrific post too!

    You should be very proud of yourself, a run is a run! So what are you setting your sights on next: stamina, speed or 10k...

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